Two under two…

Come August, I will be the proud mama of two babies. Babies being the operative word here as they will only be 16months apart-yikes! I know there are pros and cons for all situations and honestly I always said that I wanted to have my kids close together but once I fell pregnant with Hazelle, I quickly started to rethink that.

It took lots of planning, many rounds of acupuncture and three cycles of Clomid for me to fall pregnant the first time so just assumed that when I had mentally recovered from pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn phase etc. and decided to try for a second baby that it would be a similar process. Well apparently not! Low and behold 7 months after having Hazelle there I was peeing on a stick to confirm a niggling ‘feeling’ that I was pregnant again!

It honestly took me a while to wrap my head around the news and feel prepared mentally, I mean even now we are still just ticking off the milestones, cutting teeth and experiencing sleep regressions with Hazelle and despite being told that she is almost as tall as some 2 year olds (don’t you just love it when perfect strangers feel the need to offer comparisons between your child and theirs?!?) she is still very much a baby. The turning point for me I think was finding out that we are expecting a boy. A boy! Wow, not another girl, a mini Hazelle in all her hand me downs no, a bundle of tiny blue clothes, a whole different list of names to consider and the clichéd but still special ‘one of each’ scenario. I love, love, love having a girl and would have been stoked to be blessed with another but I think this very obvious point of difference right from the start has helped me to bond with the baby and distinguish him as different from Hazelle.

So here we are. Currently I’m 24 weeks pregnant, my baby girl just turned one and ‘The Mummy Style Files’ is my little corner to talk all things fashion; maternity, mainstream and baby, a little bit of beauty and just general ramblings about all the  messy and magical things life throws at us mamas!

Thanks for reading x

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