8 Mothers Day gifts under $50

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and today I have 8 awesome gift ideas for you, all for under $50. This year will be my second Mother’s Day and whilst I don’t think it needs to be an extravagant occasion, there is no denying that a little bit of recognition and pampering goes a long way. Last year Mother’s Day was a bit of a bust, we had a 2 week old newborn and sleep deprivation was in full force. I think I got delivered a half dead bunch of flowers accompanied by a scraggly little teddy bear haha. I know it’s the thought that counts but here’s hoping hubby thinks a bit harder this year ;).

The gift I’ve included are all things that I know us mums (of all ages) love but would rarely go and buy for ourselves. I know for myself new scarves, pretty décor and special skin care quickly get put on the ‘nice to have’ list and are fast forgotten in favor of practical things for the house or non practical but cute things for the baby!

I hope this list gives you some inspiration for the special mama in your life or can serve as a helpful little nudge for your man 😉

Happy Mother’s Day x

mothers day collage

L to R:

1. Big scarfs are a mums best friend, they can be used as a breastfeeding cover, a way to hide sticky finger marks or unfortunate vomit scenarios or just a way to make you feel more put together in the middle of winter, even if you are wearing the same old jeans and jumper combo. I love this one from Seed and there are also heaps of other options in store .

2. Arlo and Co are an awesome little business that I stumbled upon on Instagram, they do a lot of decor for nursery’s and kids rooms but also have a ton of options to put anywhere in your house. This ‘love’ plaque is handmade and hand painted. Check it out.

3. If you haven’t discovered Dish’d yet, you can thank me now. They are an online food store where all dishes are made with amazing ingredients and prepared by super talented chefs then snap frozen. They deliver to your door and if you live in Melbourne there is a store in Prahran you can visit. They have so many delicious options for your Mothers Day lunch and whilst I have sampled many of them this Raspberry Pistachio tart is insane and insanely cheap. Enjoy!

4. This coin purse is something I would walk passed in a shop, admire and put back down due to not really needing it even though I know I would use it every day and love it. A perfect gift.

5. Chunky knitted sweaters are a must have this season and there are so many around but this one from Cotton On is such a bargain and it comes in a variety of colours as well. I love being able to have something to throw on quickly in the morning that is no fuss, warm and cute at the same time and this fits the bill.

6. Similar to the coin purse above, these little marble cleat boxes from West Elm may be hard to justify for yourself but as a gift they are perfect. It’s nice to have a special place to keep your rings and little trinkets and these would look so beautiful in your wardrobe, bathroom or dressing room.

7. Who doesn’t love freshly washed towels? And better than freshly washed is brand new. These towels from Adairs will inject a fresh pop of colour into your bathroom and lift anyones spirits. They also come in neutral colours in case the aquamarine is too much for you.

8. I’ve been using Go-To Skin Care for almost a year now. During my first pregnancy, my skin went crazy and I had the worst hormonal acne I’ve ever had. Thanks Hazelle. I tried a lot of products and was even going down the Proactive route (not ideal for pregnancy) when I decided to try out Go-To. To say that i’m converted is an understatement. They have just this year released a new product, their face-hero which is a light weight face oil that has done wonders for my complexion and brightens my tired pregnant face considerably. FYI, no acne this time round so far, knock on wood…

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