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Ever since becoming a mum, I’ve resisted the traditional ‘nappy bag’. I struggled to find one that I liked and whilst I now know that awesome ones do exist, truth be told , the majority the ones I tried on over the last year always felt clunky, frumpy and ‘mumsy’. Something about the enormous size, padded pockets and plastic-y waterproof fabrics really turn me off.

That being said, there is no denying that once you have a baby, especially during your first year as a first time mum, you really do lug around a lot of stuff.

Enter my search for the perfect non-baby-baby-bag. During my first pregnancy I decided I wanted the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, however I understood that the price point made it a nice to have item that I’d have to wait for. Countless times over the last year I looked into purchasing other, less expensive bags to use but ultimately I knew that this was the one I wanted and didn’t want to waste money. Thanks to my beautiful, generous husband, yesterday on Mothers day he and my babies (hehe) gifted it to me. I am totally in love with it and ended up going for the biggest size, (the medium size is the most popular) however keep in mind I am 5’10” and will soon have 2 babies under 2. For most mums with only 1 set of nappies, bottles etc to carry around I think the medium size would suffice and will transition more easily into a handbag when the nappy carrying days are over.

So today I thought I’d put together a little list of super fashionable bags for all you mama’s out there. Some are baby bags but I promise you they are chic and fashionable and the others are, like the Neverfull, basically just a large tote with a few pockets for you to throw your stuff into.  The average price I’ve found is around $200-$300 for a great quality bag but I have included options from $65 to $1000 plus. All links listed below.

nappy bag collage 2

L to R

1. Pottery Barn Navy Classic Mum Nappy bag. This is a great gift idea as you can get it monogrammed with the mum to be’s initials. $150.40 (on sale)

2. Mimco Afrigraphico Tote. Mimco do make actual nappy bags that lots of mums swear by but I love the look of this one and think it would work equally well. Mimco has partnered with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. By purchasing this bag you are helping to support some of the world’s poorest people through fair work opportunities provided by the EFI. Head to Mimco’s website to read more. $249

3. Marc Jacobs Crosby Quilt Nylon Elizababy. This is one of the most popular baby bags I’ve seen around town. I love that it comes with its own changing mat as well. $298

4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. Not a Nappy bag but a very popular choice for trendy mums and a-listers alike. It can be personalised with different choices of linings and also added monogrammed initials. $1450

5. Melobaby All-In-One Nappy Wallet and Change Mat. If you currently have a bag that you love or like I was, holding out for the bag of your dreams, this Nappy wallet is great. Its compact and will fit all your essentials and you can just throw it in any bag. $64.95

6. State of Escape Escape Bag. This was my second choice of bag and I came close to purchasing it a few times. It is made from Neoprene and comes in so many great colours. This bag will see you go from the cafe, to the park, to the office, to the beach and so on. It is super durable but even better, super chic. $299.

7. Claudine & Ash The Montana. Whilst this is a dedicated Nappy/Baby bag, it looks far from it. It is an awesome carry all style but looks more like a bucket tote bag then a frumpy nappy bag. I love the chic black and white with gold detailing too. $275.

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