Trend Talk: Double Denim and The Chambray Shirt

You guys, is Double Denim still a thing? Like a good thing? I know it will always be a “thing”, a Canadian Tuxedo, a Britney and Justin fashion faux pas but I’m hoping its still a trendy thing. Mainly because it’s SO easy! I’m not really big on the denim jacket, but the chambray shirt? That is something I can get around in a big way! It looks great with jeans (blue, black, white, grey, you name it) but it also looks great with maxi shirts, leggings, shorts etc. If I’m not rocking the full DD look, I often throw my chambray shirt over my workout clothes on the way too and from the gym. It definitely helps transition your athletic apparel into café / street wear for a little while (usually until the need to shower becomes undeniably obvious to you or those around you, hopefully not the latter!!). I dressed it up a little bit for a lunch date in the pic above but usually the heels are swapped out for converse and the Prada for a more baby friendly bag!

The best thing about the chambray shirt however, has got to be that its super dooper affordable. I’ve put together a little shopping guide below. The one that I’m wearing is just from Cotton On and was under $40.

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