Trend Talk: Over The Knee Boots

OTK Collage 2

Over the knee boots probably wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking maternity fashion or possibly even the most practical but lately I can’t get them off my mind! I don’t currently own a pair (yet) but after putting together some options for this post, they don’t seem like such an impractical / possibly scandalous wardrobe addition. There are a ton of flat options available and they can be styled so many ways that if Julia Robert ALA ‘Pretty Woman’ is the only image that comes to mind when thinking Thigh High Boots, you can be confident that you won’t end up looking or feeling like you’ve stepped out of that movie. The trick is to keep it simple, neutral and classy. More on that below.

Designer Stuart Weitzman has pretty much won over, all of Hollywood with his gorgeous HIGHLAND and LOWLAND boots (included below) but for those of us without an A-lister budget there are heaps of styles out there, at much friendly prices.

I have 3 main styling tips for achieving this look, they are:

  1. Pair with skinny jeans and a blazer or mid thigh coat/jacket. Make sure the jeans are fitted and the coat adds a bit of volume and dimension to the look. Ensure that if you are wearing the coat closed, that it is not longer than the start of the boots.
  2. A loose but structured dress or skirt that, again, finishes just before the boots start. You want to be careful that the dress is not too tight or short, (we want to AVOID the Pretty Woman look remember) but the look can come off frumpy if there is no definition between your boots and dress, especially if they are the same colour. If you’re feeling a bit unsure about your dress or skirt length, you can always add a pair of patterned or opaque tights underneath to provide a bit more coverage (and warmth).
  3. For a more practical and casual option, go with plain black, good quality, leggings and a fun, cozy poncho on top. Flat boots are essential here.

So, here are some options I’ve put together for you with links below. Prices range from $1000+ to $59.95. Enjoy xx

OTK Blog

  1. Stuart Weitzman, HIGHLAND boot, approx $1019
  2. Stuart Weitzman, LOWLAND boot, approx $1006
  3. ALDO, Uliawen, $229.95
  4. Witchery, Iris Over The Knee Boot, $399.95
  5. Lipstick, Mace, $129.95
  6. Rubi Shoes, Rodeo Drive Heeled Long Boots, $59.95

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