Third Trimester

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(Outfit details- Jumper: Target, Jeans: Pea in a Pod Maternity (DIY Ripped), Tank top: lululemon, Shoes: Toms (old), Scarf: Seed Heritage(sold out, similar linked))

29 weeks starting next week. How am I in my third trimester already?!?

I am definitely excited to be entering into the home stretch of this pregnancy and I am MORE than ready to meet my little man and have him on the outside with us, but I know he has a lot more cooking to do until he’s ready so I’m happy to wait another 11 weeks (kind of!!).

The last 12 weeks have flown by, especially in comparison to the snail’s pace of the first trimester. We had heaps going on to keep us busy and although day-to-day my pregnancy is not always top of mind, my favourite time of day is in the evening when I finally sit down and my little baby boy starts kicking and dancing in my belly non stop. It’s as if he knows I am free to pay attention and he says, “hi mum, let’s play now”. Connecting with him in these quiet moments gets me really, really excited to meet him.

We are still yet to set up the nursery, undecided on a name and probably a bit in denial of how we are going to deal with a toddler and a newborn, so its safe to say we are going to need every one of those 11 weeks left until my due date to get everything in order.

My belly feels huuuugggee compared to how big I was with Hazelle at this stage however I am measuring right on track if not a week behind (I generally carry small). I’ve stayed relatively active and try to get to the gym 3x a week although I am starting to slow down now. Brownies, bread, sparkling water, ice and frozen raspberries sound good to me 24/7 and my appetite is getting out of control. Last week I could not fall asleep until I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich at midnight.

Sleep has been a bit elusive, not because of pregnancy insomnia (touchwood) but a  sick then teething then growth spurt-ing 13month old, although that seems to be calming down a bit now (touchwood again).

Things I’m looking forward to in the third trimester? Setting up the nursery, packing my hospital bag, locking down a name and soaking up time as little family of 3. August will be here before I know it!


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