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Denim, grey, camel and beige are staples in my wardrobe. Jacket- DKNY (similar here), Jumper- Decjuba, Jeans- Pea in a Pod Maternity, Booties-Francesco Morichtti (similar here), Clutch- Target (similar here and here)

It seems that this idea of a ‘capsule wardrobe’ is doing the rounds of the blogosphere at the moment. In basic terms a capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you absolutely love and love to wear. Some people base it around a certain number of items and others make up the number for themselves but it is definitely under 50 items. That includes tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and shoes. It does not include workout clothes, accessories, handbags, swimsuits, pajamas and underwear.

You build a capsule for each season (summer, winter, autumn, spring) and basically don’t shop during your current season, just wear the heck out of your wardrobe. Then in the last few weeks of the season you can buy a few items to help build the next capsule. What you will find is that your clothing will reflect your true personal style 100% and not the fads or trends, you will for sure save money but you also may be sad that you can’t partake in impulse trend shopping. Since accessories aren’t included in the capsule you can use these items as an inexpensive (or expensive depending on what you buy ;)) way to keep your basics current and have a bit of fun.

It can take a bit of time to build up the perfect capsule, perhaps over the course of a year but the best way to start is to take EVERYTHING out of your wardrobe and do a 4 category edit. Caroline from Unfancy breaks it down below:

    • Self explanatory. Put it back in your closet.
    • This is for items that don’t fit quite right, the colour is a little off, have sentimental value, you can’t put your finger on it but you just don’t wear it, or you’re keeping it because you paid a lot for it but you don’t wear it. Put all this stuff in a box and store it in the garage. You can always go get stuff out of it, but you probably won’t. If it’s still in the box at the end of your season, it’s time to say goodbye to it.
  • NOPE
    • Self-explanatory. Donate, swap with a friend, or sell it to fund new purchases.
    • Wool coat in summer? Probably don’t need it handy. But you’d never get rid of a staple like that–come on. If it’s not in season, but you LOVE IT, put it in a nice under-the-bed box and store it. You’ll definitely use it in your capsule wardrobe when that season rolls around.

I personally love this idea. Forget the fact that I am about 8 months pregnant and am basically living off a forced capsule wardrobe due to the fact that approximately only 10 items fit me at the moment, I know for a fact even when all of my clothes DO fit me, I rotate through about 4 pairs of jeans, black, white and grey staples, great quality, classic shoes and then fun accessories and handbags. Seeing as my pregnancy will end at the same time as winter, I’m thinking a spring capsule wardrobe will be the perfect place for me to start. De-cluttering my wardrobe also sounds great to this nesting mama to be right now too ;).

Below is an example of what a basic capsule for spring might look like:

Obviously just because it’s a capsule doesn’t mean it needs to be ‘black, white and grey’. If you always wear your red skinny jeans then they are part of your capsule. If you LOVE printed dresses then that becomes your capsule. Just be mindful of how many looks you feel you can put together for 3 months with some of the louder items.

So on that note, should we go shopping for new spring clothes? Oh I mean, clean out our wardrobes to STOP unnecessary shopping…my bad…

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