Dressing your toddler in Winter

Baby-Its-Cold-Outside Even though this is my second Winter being a mum, I recently realised that dressing a baby in winter is very different to dressing a toddler in winter. I know it might sound obvious when I say it like that but honestly, it wasn’t obvious to me until the start of the season. Like last year I stocked up on longsleeve onesies, leggings, jumpers and cardigans and thought I’d be good to go. What I failed to realise was that, yes even though these items saw us through last winter no problem, I forgot that my then baby, Hazelle, was also wrapped in a blanket, often in a carrier against my body and happily complied with beanies and socks. Toddlers are a different story. They need shoes and jackets. They can’t be wrapped in blankets unless sitting in a pram, if they are anything like Hazelle, beanies and hats are ripped of in an instant and socks don’t stand a chance. Day to day life is different with a toddler as well, hibernating at home all winter is not an option. We need outings to the park, play dates with friends and tiny legs and arms that want to be free to explore and play.

So, what are the essentials for keeping a toddler warm in winter and where do you find them? I’ve put together a list of items we are loving below.  NB- the style guides I’ve put together are all girl’s clothing because that’s what I’m shopping for but all of the stores I’ve linked have killer items for little boys too. Feel free to let me know if you’d like me to do a specific boy edit though!

Jackets and Vests

A good coat is what I found the hardest to nail down. They can often be quite pricey or swing the other way and be super cheap but crappy. Obviously you want a good quality, durable coat that can be worn for many month but it will only fit your little one for one season (if that) so blowing the budget is silly. Vests are a great layering option and can pack a lot of heat in. There are heaps around and Cotton On Kids do a great range (not shown below). With these outer layers, a hooded option is perfect if you have a beanie hater like me, I can often sneak the hood up if it’s particularly chilly without much of a fuss from Hazelle.

Jumpers & Knit Dresses

Chunky jumpers are not only warm but they look so adorable on small little bodies and are really practical for everyday activities. The chunkier the better although look out for really loose knits as they tend to stretch out a lot and let in the cold air. Knit dresses are a great way to dress up an outfit a little or make it a bit more girlie. Again, layer a long sleeve underneath for really cold days then a vest or jacket over the top.

As for the layers on the bottom, inexpensive leggings and tights are our go to items. We haven’t had much success with baby jeans bar one pair my mum gave us but I’m sure there are some great options out there. I’ll do a post on baby shoes soon, although moccasins are our absolute go to as they are easy to put on and the soft sole allows Hazelle to crawl and walk (getting there) with no problems. Not to mention they are so super cute. Now, if only I could find a way to keep a beanie on her head we’d be set!

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