The Bump


Outfit Details- Dress- Cotton On (Similar here), Vest- Seed (Similar here), Clutch- Louis Vuitton, Boots- ASOS, Bracelet- Tiffany and Co, Short Necklace- Tiffany and Co, Watch- Michael Kors (Similar here)

Pregnant or not, my personal style aesthetic definitely errs on the looser, baggier side. I am drawn to oversized tops paired with skinny jeans or flowing maxi dresses and skirts. I also hate the feeling of being restricted and I guess to a lesser degree, feeling like I’m ‘on show’ as such. Although this is my personal style, it does come into play much more during pregnancy. In both of my pregnancies I have, for the most part shied away from very fitted clothing. It’s not that I want to hide my bump or the fact that I’m expecting, but I feel like I am especially prone  to the ‘bump analysis’ from anyone and everyone. “Wow, you’re so small”, “gee you’ve really popped out” “not long now by the looks of it” “when I was 25 weeks I was so much smaller/bigger/higher/lower etc.” . I know its human nature to compare and comment and I also know that most comments are made innocently but I still can’t help but feel an element of judgment, good or bad. For the most part, pregnant women have so little control over how big our bellies get, how fast they grow and also how we feel within ourselves most days that often the intense focus and off the cuff comments from strangers just feels like (in my opinion) another element of pressure that we can’t control.

So anyway, even though I usually wear looser styles, I do love the way body con dresses can look on preggos, and this weekend I was so over my usual rotation of jeans and jumpers that I threw on an old (non maternity but verrrrry stretchy dress). The bump was out and proud. Yes I got lots of sideways glances from strangers, lots of sweet, sympathetic smiles from knowing women in the street and a fair amount of conversation and questions about how far along I was and whether they considered that to be reflected by the size of my bump, but was it drastically more than any other day? Maybe not. What was different was my husband’s reaction. He is so in love with me being pregnant and would have at least 2 more babies after this if the decision was solely up to him (luckily, it’s not ;)) so he loved me showing off the bump. He told me how beautiful I was no less than a million times that day, which I would say makes all those unwelcome comments from strangers fade into the background, wouldn’t you?

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