The Faux Fur Edit




Outfit details: Coat- Vintage (see similar below), Top- Target, Tank- lululemon, Jeans- Pea in a Pod, Booties- ASOS, Scarf- Purchased on a holiday in India

I’ve always felt that wearing fur requires a bit of confidence. Especially living in Australia where the winters are not on par with heavy fur wearing continents like Europe, wearing fur here tends to be bit more about fashion that function. Of course there are always ways to add a little bit of fur into your outfits like fur lined hoods, gloves, vests etc, but today I’m talking about full on fur jackets and coats. I have a had this vintage coat  for a few years now but it’s not something that I’ve consistently worn every winter, despite being in love with the colour, shape and blanket like warmth!

This season though I’ve definitely seen much more fur around and whilst I’ve been rocking a little fur vest since the chilly weather set in, this weekend I decided to pull out my coat, and I loved it! I mean, being heavily pregnant and adding a huge outer layer on top of my round torso probably isn’t the most flattering but I don’t think it was too bad and quite frankly, at this stage of pregnancy I’m just happy to wear anything that fits and isn’t highly elasticised for a change.

I’ve put together a little edit below of my favourite faux furs I’ve found. Clink the links if you feel inspired to add some chic, woolly warmth to your wardrobe! And remember, to avoid looking like a round furry dumpling, make sure you keep the bottom half of your outfit streamlined and tailored!

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