Lately I’ve Been…


So, I’m quite a nosey person by nature and love it when other bloggers  post content that give us a little more insight into their lives like this ‘Lately’ survey. Today I thought it would be fun to complete the survey myself and give you all a bit of a peek into my life at the moment. Hope you enjoy x

Lately I’ve been:

Making: Lists. My brain is like a huge sieve and nothing is retained or accomplished unless it’s written down in front of me. Now if only I could remember where I put all those lists….

Cooking: As little as possible. My kitchen mojo has officially left the building and I’m lacking serious motivation in the kitchen at the moment. Most meals are made up of one Protein to keep the husband happy and one vegetable to keep my conscience happy.

Drinking: All the coffee. I have to cut myself off at 2 coffees everyday and then I switch to sparkling water, which is equally delicious, but undeniably UN-caffeinated.

Noticing: My fine baby hairs that started growing during this pregnancy are finally getting long enough to blend into the rest of my hair. Just in time to fall out and grow again after the birth. Yay. Not.

Wanting: A warm holiday. Unfortunately with the baby due in less than 8 weeks and my husband having just started his own business, this looks like a mere pipe dream, oh well, at least summer is just around the corner, right? Kind of? Maybe?

Looking: Forward to next weekend. We are taking Hazelle to the Hi-5 concert and she is going to lose her mind.

Playing: Peek-a-boo. All day, every day.

Wasting: Time watching too many reality TV shows. The Real Housewives, Masterchef, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, etc. You name it, I watch it. It’s quite tragic but I can’t be stopped.

Wishing: I could go to Brisbane to meet my cousins new baby boy

Enjoying: Watching as my daughter becomes a fully fledged toddler. We are well and truly out of the baby stage now and she is so much fun. First steps, new words and lots of personality shining through, it’s such a fun phase.

Waiting: For the 18th of August! Hurry up due date!!

Liking: Grey. I’m definitely going through a ‘grey phase’. Grey knits for me, grey throws and pillows for the couch, grey leggings for my daughter and of course grey newborn onesies for the baby. This has led to much concern from my husband about my state of mine and is the source the current gender confusion from strangers about my daughter lol. I promise I’m fine, just grey obsessed!!

Wondering: What our son is going to look like. The general consensus is that he’ll take after me as our daughter is my husband’s complete twin but I reckon he’ll join the dark haired, dark eyed party and I’ll be left looking like the nanny.

Loving: Podcasts! Oh gosh I’m obsessed. Apologies to anyone who engages in a conversation with me, as my sentences always start with, ‘I was listening to this podcast and…’ The Living Room on Love + Radio, was so incredibly moving and engaging, do yourself a favour and listen to it!

Hoping: I go into Labour when my husband is at home. Please!!!

Needing: To get my act together finalising the nursery, my hospital bag, Hazelle’s overnight bag and locking down a name for our baby boy…

Wearing: About 5 items out of my whole wardrobe. Not much fits me these days but I’m too close to the end to buy anything new. Except maybe underwear, that situation is dire!!

Following: @evachen212 on Instagram. Everyday I look forward to her morning Shoe + Handbag + Fruit post.

Knowing: Our lives are going to be turned upside down in 8 weeks time but I can’t wait! Bring on the newborn cuddles.

Thinking: Constantly about my next blog or Instagram post. It’s impossible to switch off.

Feeling: Grateful that my husband has hired a fortnightly cleaner for the house. It feels like a bit of a luxury but it has taken so much pressure off me in these last few weeks.

Bookmarking: Many, many pairs of Aquazzura shoes. Like these, and these and these. I have a serious shoe crush on all of these but I also can’t justify purchasing any of them, except maybe these flat sandals?? A girl can dream right?

Craving: Some Acupuncture and a Pre-Natal massage. Angea Acupuncture and Body Freedom Urban Spa– I’m coming for you!!

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