Beauty Basics



I am definitely no expert when it comes to makeup. I had a lady at Dior teach me the basics years ago and afterwards bought all the products and brushes she used and haven’t looked back (except of course replenish my stock). Occasionally I’ll lament the fact that at nearly 27 years old I still can’t perfect liquid eyeliner or I’m not really sure which shade red is the best for my complexion but for the most part I’m just happy I’ve simplified my routine so that I can look half decent /  half alive on a day to day basis and then be grateful that professional makeup artists exist for special occasions.

Today I thought I’d share with you my VERY basic must haves and the products that I love.

SKINCARE: First things first, you can be the best makeup artist around but if your skin is shit there is only so much you can do. I had shocking skin when I was pregnant with Hazelle, and was desperate to try anything that would help clear it up but as tempting as the Proactive ads were, I knew I needed something free from super nasty chemicals especially during pregnancy (Confession – I DID try Proactive very early on in my pregnancy but when my husband found out it was bleaching the towels he put his foot down). So I decided to try Go-To Skin care developed by Zoe Foster Blake. I use the Cleanser, Exfoliating swipeys and Moisturiser. This year she also released a face oil, which I now also use and my skin has never been better. I still get the occasional pimple but nothing like I had before. Her lip balm is also incredible FYI, especially if you put it on at night before you sleep.

FACE: BB Cream. I am obsessed with BB cream, it’s every mum’s best friend. What other product gives you a moisturiser, sunscreen and light concealer all in one. I use this every day, it gives me just enough coverage that I have a little bit of colour on my face but not so much coverage that I feel like I’m wearing tons of make up. All of the major make up/skin care brands do a BB cream so if you don’t already have one you can easily add one in from your favourite brand. I’ve used Garnier, which I got from Coles, but also love Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BB Cream.

Note- although there is a small amount of sunscreen in these products, you should always use a physical sunscreen every day or at the very least when planning to be out in the sun all day.

When I’m going out or want some more coverage I will wear a light foundation from Dior. It isn’t cakey and once you are colour matched its impossible to get wrong. A little goes a long way so the price tag isn’t too bad.

EYES/ EYELASHES: As I mentioned I am hopeless with eyeliner but mascara is an absolute must for me. I currently use Diorshow Iconic and Stila MAJOR Major lash although truth is I’m still looking for the hoy grail of mascaras aka the prefect combination of both lengthening AND volumisining, so far I’m only happy with the volume part of the equation. My tips are to avoid the waterproof mascaras as you loose too many lashes when you remove it. Kevyn Aucoin does amazing mascara that basically wraps around each lash and then when you want to wash it off it pulls off in little tubes without pulling off your lashes. That’s a terrible description on my part, just check it out for yourself, you’ll love it, I promise.

EYEBROWS: This is where I’ve discovered my secret weapon. Threading is key. Yes it’s a little painful but not any more so than waxing and if you do it regularly (every 3-4 weeks depending on your growth) it is infinitely less painful. If you have your brows professionally shaped to your face it’s amazing how put together and groomed you look without having to do anything on a day to day basis. I have naturally blondish eyebrows so I also get mine tinted which saves any kind of pencilling in and looks much more natural. So basically if you invest 30mins every 3 weeks then you’re good to go every other day in between.

NAILS: Now I know having your nails done is not an essential part of every mum’s beauty routine. For me it’s a ‘pre baby habit’ that I try to cling on to. Before Hazelle I was known for my always polished and buffed nails. Ah the days of disposable income. Although I don’t get my nails done nearly as often now, when I do I always get shellac. Shellac is the miracle nail polish that is set with UV heat lamps and lasts chip free for at least 14 days. It also supports the growth of your nails as the lacquer protects them and prevents breakages. It is a little bit more expensive but if you are only getting it done every couple of months it is fully worth the superior feeling of put together-ness it gives you. If you don’t have time to go to a salon for a manicure, Essie Nail polish is my favourite and best quality in my opinion. It is easy to apply and streak free. The colours are always updated to reflect the current trends and one bottle lasts a fair amount of time.

So that’s it, super basic but if you look after your skin, use great quality products and the correct brushes it really helps us busy mums looking fresher and more awake then we usually feel! Also don’t forget a touch of bronzer especially in winter to add a bit of colour to your face.

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