Alexander Darius


1 hour old


1 day old


1 week old

So this is a little bit different to what I usually post but I thought, if I’m going to put content up on the internet that will forever be floating around the interwebs why not share one of the most important days of my life?

The 10th of July started like any other day. My husband works for himself and prefers to only work Monday-Thursday, he had been whispering to my belly that Friday was his preferred day to meet his son for a few weeks now but little did we know that Alexander would comply! Anyway, Friday morning we decided to go to the gym together and put Hazelle in the crèche there for an hour or so, after 15mins of lack lustre peddling on a stationary bike I informed my husband that I thought it was time for me to suspend my membership as I didn’t have much energy anymore. I did just that, giving myself until mid-October, about 8 weeks after my due date, to return again. We then quickly went to a rug shop to find a rug for the nursery (which was unsuccessful) and then we went to Nandos to get lunch before going home. Nandos chips were the first and last thing I ate that day.

We got home just as a courier was delivering a new cardigan I purchased from Blossom and Glow and just as the RACV man came to change the battery in one of our cars. I had a 90minute prenatal massage booked in at Urban Freedom Spa for 1:30pm so I started to get ready for that. I had been looking forward to this massage all week. I went to the bathroom and found I was bleeding very lightly. Unsure what this meant I called the hospital and they informed me that ‘it was probably nothing, but given I was only 34 weeks along I had better come in”. This is when I started to feel a bit uneasy. I never had any bleeding with my first pregnancy and Hazelle came exactly on time, so this was new territory. I went to the window and started signally frantically to my husband that we needed to go to the hospital, the poor RACV man had no idea what was happening, and then ran around the house putting a few final items in my hospital bag and Hazelle’s overnight bag. I was still a little bit in denial though that today was the day.

On the way to the hospital we called both our mum’s and told them to stand by, half way there I knew I was having contractions now and they were already about 5mins apart so we called my mum back and asked her to meet us at the hospital to take Hazelle. My husband was as cool as a cucumber and although my contractions were very intense, I felt I was able to deal with the pain better given it was my second time around. I was also very conscious that Hazelle was in the car and I didn’t want to upset her however she proceeded to fall asleep within 10mins! Not only was little Xander considerate with the DAY he decided to come, the TIME was also perfect as we made it into the city, to the hospital, in record time. No issues at all.

When we got to the hospital I went into emergency, whispered that I thought I was in labour and the nurses quickly hurried me around the corner to a small room. We had to wait in there for probably 10-15mins but it felt like an eternity as my contractions got worse, Hazelle started to stir and my mum still hadn’t come. Finally a birth suite was ready and we were taken upstairs. A doctor came in and confirmed that I was in fact in labour and that I was about 7cms dilated. This is very similar to what happened with Hazelle, so I wasn’t surprised by the speed of everything.

Finally my mum came and whisked Hazelle away, and probably 15 minutes later I started pushing. My waters hadn’t broken at this point and I ended up pushing my waters and the baby out almost simultaneously which was just as gross and painful as it sounds! All up it was 2 hours and 10 minutes from the time we left home to the moment Alexander was in my arms. That is about 1 hour and 20 minutes quicker than Hazelle (god help me if there is a third baby…).

The midwives who delivered Alexander were phenomenal and although everyone was waiting with bated breath to see if everything was ok with such an early baby, they were nothing but positive and supportive and never allowed me to stress. As soon as he came out he gave a big cry and they placed his tiny body on me. A paediatric doctor took him after 2 or 3 minutes to give him a quick once over but he didn’t need any respiratory support, which was a positive sign. After another cuddle they took him and my husband up to Neonatal Intensive Care while I got checked out.

Giving birth to a 5pound baby was kind on my body and I didn’t need any stitches or pain relief and was able to get up and have a shower 20minutes after giving birth. When all the paperwork was completed and I was able to go and join my boys, I was able to walk there rather than being wheeled, which felt amazing.

When I reached the NICU I was a little shocked to see my baby hooked up to many different monitors and covered in bubble wrap of all things, to keep him warm, but I was assured he was just a little cold and the monitors were just an initial precaution. At this stage we still had so many questions and I was definitely still in shock that he had come so early but we were just so grateful that he was healthy and here with us.

The days after his birth were, and continue to be, long and challenging in other ways. As I’m typing this I am sitting next to him in a new hospital we were transferred to and I still don’t know when I will be able to take him home. However that is for another post, today we are just celebrating his healthy, hurried and happy arrival into the world. Welcome Alexander Darius, we love you so much.

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