Half an outfit and a newborn…




So I have a half written post about dressing for the ‘fourth trimester’ sitting on my laptop. You know, that awkward in between stage where you are no longer pregnant (and you want to burn all your maternity clothes) but you also don’t fit into all (or any) of your pre-baby clothes? Yep, that’s the dreaded fourth trimester. ‘Half-written’ is probably generous, but I have all the makings in my head, I promise…

Well anyway, I should have known the fate of that post when I tried to take some outfit photos yesterday. Within seconds of pulling out the camera, I suddenly had a STARVING newborn, a CRANKY toddler and only enough storage on my phone for 3 photos. So here it is, todays post. 3 photos of reality. Me feeding my baby in the middle of a random street, smiling at my teething toddler in the pram and thinking that a flannel shirt and jeans are worthy of a photo because it’s the first real outfit I’d worn all week.

I will complete my original post sometime soon, but today? This is all I got. Half an outfit and a newborn.

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