Trend Talk: Lace up Flats




I wasn’t sure that I’d jump on the ‘Lace up Flats’ bandwagon as I’m generally not a fan of closed toe flat shoes. Unless it’s a sneaker or a flat boot, I’d rather a heel or an open toed sandal. However, it got to the point this weekend, where I couldn’t  ignore all the gorgeous lace up ballet flats popping up in my favourite Instagram feeds, blogs and stores any longer.

So, after scouring my go-to stores online, I decided to purchase a cheap pair of ‘trial’ flats from Rubi Shoes to see how I liked them. Well, after only one wear it’s safe to say, I. Love. Them. I love the way they look with both skinny jeans and a dress and I can tell as the weather warms up, I will love pairing them with shorts and midi skirts. As I said, these are from Rubi Shoes, but I also have my eye on these from Wittner and I think I’ll purchase them in black. Next stop? Lace up high heeled sandals…. 🙂

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