Post Baby Body + Bikini = HELP!


Do you know what’s good for your soul at 7 weeks postpartum? A spontaneous beach vacation! Do you know what’s bad for your ego at 7 weeks postpartum? Trying on bathing suits.

Earlier this week I had a bit of a Post Baby Body reality check at Chadstone Shopping Centre when my husband announced we would be flying to the Gold Coast in 2 days time. Yay! Was obviously my first thought as I practically skipped into Seafolly to purchase a new bathing suit. Over the last few weeks I’d been feeling pretty good about the whole post baby body situation. I ‘fit’ into about 80% of my pre baby wardrobe and although I had no delusions that I’d look anything like the amazing Gigi Hadid plastered on every wall in Seafolly, I wasn’t too worried.

Well let me just tell you! When I had finally squeezed and shimmied my way into the first bikini, it wasn’t pretty. Although relatively flat, my stomach and hips are now much wider and depressingly soft. Add in thicker thighs, flabby hips, and dimply bum and suddenly my self-esteem began to plummet. I tried on three more suits in sizes that well and truly surpassed the size I tell myself I am in my head and each one was discarded to a corner of the change room. Of course amidst all this I was trying to wrangle my toddler who was running in and out of the curtained change room exposing my bare bum and red face to any passes by. Great. My husband, God love him, supportingly claimed to love every option I showed him while simultaneously trying to diplomatically suggest a size up each time. Haha, poor man.

Just as I was feeling like scraping the whole thing I looked outside the change room and saw my little family. My husband who has loved me before, during and after two pregnancies, my beautiful toddler who is going to be a very tall girl and I never want her to feel self conscious about it or anything regarding her appearance for that matter, and most importantly my baby boy who is the best reason ever to have the newly acquired muffin top and little silvery stretch marks.

So out I shuffled to the gorgeous 18year old sales assistant and mumbled something about needing ‘more coverage’. Bless her little heart she didn’t even miss a beat as she showed me high waisted, wider fit, boy leg and high support options. Back into the change room I went with a little less confidence but much more acceptance. I’m pretty proud of myself for not sinking into the body-shaming trap and I ended up finding a pretty cute, practical and modest bikini. I’ve linked so more ‘mummy/post baby’ friendly bathing suits below to help any new mama’s out there enjoy the sun with your family.

There will be plenty of time for me to get my body back but in the meantime I’m going to keep living life with my fam – surprise vacations and all :).

High Waisted / fuller coverage Bikini

  1. Seafolly: Riviera Stripe Ruched Side Retro Bikini Pant
  2. Speedo: Women’s Boyleg Short
  3. Seafolly: Full Bloom Skirted Bikini Pant

Tummy control 1 piece

  1. Zimmerman: Hyper Scoop 1 PC
  2. Seafolly: Tidal Wave High Neck One Piece Maillot
  3. Isola: Drifter Bandeau Maillot

High Support tops

  1. Seafolly: Goddess Halter Top
  2. Isola: Gypset D Plunge Balconette Bikini
  3. River Island: Colour Block Bustier Bikini Top

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