That 70s Edit

(Below is an excerpt from my post as Fashion Contributor for the MeOhMy Mum website. To read the full article and see my top picks for nailing this trend, follow the link below)

that 70s edit header

Top – Country Road, Jeans – Seed Heritage, Shoes – ASOS

Pop into any mainstream store or browse your favourite portals online and it’s clear as day that this year’s big trend for Spring/Summer is a 70s revival. As a baby of the late 80s, the 70s have never really been on my fashion radar. Fashion throwbacks in my closet only extend as far as the 90s and often it’s in an ironic or nostalgic way. Anything beyond the late 80s has mostly fallen into ‘costume’ territory for me and for that reason, when I first began to see flared jeans and lace up tops filtering into stores I was a bit sceptical.

The trick to getting this trend right is to reference the era in only one or two pieces of your outfit and then keep the rest of your look modern and cool. You want to keep it subtle, sophisticated and contemporary. So what does 70s fashion look like in 2015? Think Suede, Denim, Fringe, Floral and my favourite, loose and flowy silhouettes.

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