Shirt – Cotton On (Similar here), Skirt- Country Road (Similar here), Shoes – Rubi Shoes (in store only).

It’s been a big year of ‘transitions’ for my little family so far. We’ve done everything from moving house (minor), my husband leaving his 9-5 and starting his own company (major) and growing from a family of 3 to a family of 4 (huge).  But today I’m talking about the much less notable but no less fun transition from Winter into Spring. Hooray! Realistically though, in Melbourne it’s almost like a transition from a ‘cold winter’ into ‘mild winter’ with a smattering of warm days here and there but that’s by-the-by.

Spring is really one of the most liberating seasons fashion wise. After months of heavy layers, dark colour palettes and unshaved legs (let’s be real), we finally get to play around with different silhouette, have fun with patterns and florals and expose our (fake tanned) limbs. However, unless you live towards the top end of the country, chances are the mornings and evenings are still chilly. So bar the jeans, t-shirt, jacket combo, how can you dress for this trans-seasonal period?

In the pictures above I am wearing a few of my key ‘early spring’ pieces:

A chambray shirt has become so pivotal to my wardrobe. I wear it with everything. With jeans, over workout clothes so I can go to the cafe after the gym, with relaxed harem pants or tucked into a maxi skirt as shown above. It adds the right amount of warmth with the sleeves rolled down and buttons down up but can be easily manipulated once the day warms up. Just unbutton a few top buttons, pop the collar up and roll up your sleeves for a cooler but still chic look. A few of my faves are here, here and here.

Maxi Skirts are an absolute favourite of mine. Buy in a good quality fabric and neutral colour so that you can wear it (almost) year round and for many years. The long line eases you out of pants and into a skirt, it allows for the feeling of breezy spring fashion and scores top marks in practicality for us mums out there. A few of my faves are here, here and here.

Closed toe ballet flats are a nice transition out of boots and sneakers. The open top allows for a feeling of ease and lightness, whilst the closed toe ensures your little toes don’t get too cold when the sun is out of sight. The closed toe is also a bit dressier than casual open toed options. I’m sure I don’t need to continue to profess my love for the lace up trend, but spring is the perfect season to try it out. Any style of ballet flat will absolutely do here though! Shop some of my faves here, here, here and here.

Happy Spring! xx

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