Thanks Target





T-shirt: Target, Jeans: Witchery, Slides: Target, Necklace: Swarovski (similar here)

Before I had kids I never really shopped at Target. I put this down to two main factors.

  1. I thought all their clothes were ‘cheap’ and therefore not stylish or quality (sorry, a little bit snobby I know!!!!).
  2. When I had lots of disposable income to spare I was working for an athletic apparel company. This meant I was always buying and wearing Activewear.

Fast-forward to 18 months ago when I had my first baby and word on the street was that Target had the best range of baby clothes. After seeing how quickly Hazelle grew out of all her more expensive size 0000 onesies and cardigans, I popped into Target to check it out. I couldn’t believe how cute and AFFORDABLE all of the clothes were, especially the baby girl range. From that point on I’ve been hooked. Hazelle constantly gets complimented on her pieces from Target and they are one of the only brands that are truly sized correctly.

Soon after I become a frequent Target shopper my eyes started to wonder over to the women’s wear section every time I entered the store. I then started to buy a few ‘basics’ from time to time. You know, light weight jumpers for the park, comfy trackies for home etc. More and more however I’ve started to notice real ‘fashion’ pieces. They have quite a rapid turnover of stock and are always mirroring key trends. The designer collaborations are always on point too. Now I love more expensive designer pieces as much as the next fashionista but I’m sure all the girls (and mums) out there can appreciate finding trendy, one-season pieces that won’t break the bank.

Today I had about 20 minutes to spare between a trip to Medicare and my newborn’s next feed so I jumped into Target to get in a tiny bit of retail therapy. These python print slides and simple khaki t-shirt are two of the three pieces that I picked up, and I’ve linked a few pieces that I loved but left behind this time. So thanks Target for allowing me to stay on trend, shop regularly without guilt and for keeping me (and my babies) in fresh threads at all times! xx

5 thoughts on “Thanks Target

  1. Khaki tees are the go this week – I purchased one from Cotton On! You are rocking the white jeans, whole outfit looks stunning and great to see the necklace again. Heads up – less head down shots please, third pic is fantastic – congratulations. Now, just need the About Me page updated ……… xx


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