Review: Siren’s Swimwear

(Below is an excerpt from my post as Fashion Contributor for the MeOhMy Mum website. To read the full article follow the link below. Disclaimer: Siren’s Swimwear offered me a complimentary bathing suit in exchange for my opinion on their Ship the Shop initiative however all opinions are my own.)


Shopping for Swimwear is much like shopping for Jeans. Awful. No matter how confident you feel about yourself, you can rest assured that at some point during the process you will A. wish you had gotten a spray tan before you came, B. start sweating profusely while jumping, shimmying and hoping in a cubicle or C. swear off bread forever. The only thing that can make this process worse is if you are shopping for your swimwear after having had a baby. Yikes!

So what’s the solution? As tempting as giving up and vowing to never set foot in the water again is, there are too many swimming lessons, pool parties, beach vacations and 40-degree days in the future. However thanks to clever little companies like Siren’s Swimwear there is now a much more positive aka much less self-esteem shattering way to shop for swimwear online.

…Read more on MeOhMy Mum

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