The Style Files # 2: Sarah Merrett


{Hi Guys, tonight I have the second instalment of The Style Files with the gorgeous Sarah from ‘Mumma Ain’t Mumsy’. She has just launched her blog and is killing it in the styling field in Brisbane. Below is a little bit about her and of course her answers to my fun survey. Be sure to check her out!!}


Lover of all things fashion and style since a young girl, with a longtime dream of moving into the styling world; it was only after having my first child (Now 17 months old) that this passion became a reality. Teacher Librarian by trade, maternity leave gently and organically led me to the place of becoming an Accredited Personal Fashion Stylist.

After seeing so many friends and women around me feel as though they had ‘lost their way’ after having children, I was determined to keep my vibe and wanted to support and empower other women through this process. Enter the ‘Mumma Ain’t Mumsy’ Instagram page, followed by the completion of the Personal Stylist Certification, a bunch of gorgeous new clients, a website and here we are today. Excited to be interviewed over here on The Mummy Style Files with the gorgeous Caitlin!

  1. Describe your personal style in 3 words

Stress-free, Classic, With a twist

  1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My IRO Leather jacket – took me five years to find it so it’s now a firm favourite, although probably isn’t worn enough in steamy ol’ Brisbane. Need a few trips to Melbourne each year to give it more of a run.

  1. Shoes or Handbags?

Oh, how does one choose? I love both dearly … With a push I’ll say shoes. My Nanna managed a shoe shop for years so I’ll blame her for my deep shoe love.

  1. What do you love to wear on a night out without kids?

I am a jeans addict – at last count I owned just over 40 pairs so it’s safe to say that I have a denim obsession. Whenever I can I will wear jeans, so on a night out I love to keep it fairly simple – a good spray tan, white tee, jeans and heels with some killer jewels.

  1. What has been one of your most recent ‘fashion fails’?

Hmmmm … I not the biggest risk taker when it comes to fashion but I’d have to say a pair of floral flares. I secretly still love them but know I’ll look back on photos and say ‘what the hell was I thinking?!’

  1. Accessories: Less or More?

This too is a tricky one! I adore the minimalist look at the moment, clean lines, lots of white with really simple jewels, however I really do love massive earrings and stacks of bangles. I’m a mixed bag when it comes to accessories – I’m kind of like a patchwork quilt – a bit of everything. My current love affair with Christie Nicolaides Jewellery is getting a bit out of control, her earrings are just divine! (And are right at the top of the Christmas List).

  1. What’s on your Wish List for this season?

Hahahaha!! Just read onto this question! A pair of silver hooped Christie Nicolaides earrings and a Sancia cross body bag … Adore! These two goodies will see me more than happy til next season.

  1. Shoes: Heels or flats?

Heels whenever I can … However the reality of running around after a one year old requires flats to be the current go-to.

  1. Favourite designer?

Right now Zimmerman can do no wrong and Gail Sorronda is amaze!

  1. What is your go to ‘Mum-On Duty’ outfit?

AG Jeans, Cotton On tee (usually white or khaki), Golden Goose or Lacoste trainers.

  1. What are you favourite ‘Affordable Fashion’ buys?

Oh goodness, there are so many affordable goodies out there at the moment, that are not only at the right price point but also good quality. As mentioned above Cotton On tees are really great at the moment, Superga trainers are killing it for around $100 mark, Glassons jeans are another really unreal buy for not much outlay, striped tees by the brand Little Lies are unreal at $34.95 … I could go on and on. Probably my favourite right now is jewellery range by Tassie girl – Mimimalist Jewellery – Amelia’s stuff is crazy good for crazy low prices (@minimalistjewellery on Instagram).

  1. Where do you like to shop for your kids?

I’m a bargain shopper when it comes to Tilda’s clothes – she grows far too quickly and LOVES wearing little cotton bike pants so I’m regularly at KMart and Big W, however H&M is my favourite with their organic cotton range – they wash so well and the cotton is super soft. She always has good shoes, once again having a Nanna who managed a shoe shop and a Mother-In-Law who also works in a shoe store has ensured that Tilda is always in well fitting, well made shoes.

  1. What is you best tip for dressing for a special occasion?

Make sure the outfit fits your body shape … If you have to hitch it up or you keep pulling at it then it’s not quite right. The perfect outfit for a special occasion shouldn’t need any extra help or fixing, that way it will be worn with comfort and confidence!

  1. If you could only get your hair, make up or a spray tan done for a night out which one would you choose?

Spray tan hands down … I’m so pale I’m actually grey x


Thanks again Sarah!!

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