The Style Files # 3: Olivia White


Hi everyone! Things are getting crazy busy here at Mummy Style Files HQ (aka my house lol) so I thought I’d bring you another edition of The Style Files. Two in one month! How exciting!


Todays Style File is on Olivia White from House Of White. Although not strictly a fashion blogger, she runs a very successful Motherhood and Lifestyle Blog and is super fashionable. She is married and has one daughter Annabelle and is currently pregnant with another little girl. She is also a self professed lover of cats and this is where I’m not sure we can be friends ;).

Olivia has absolutely nailed dressing for pregnancy and she rocks a body con dress like a boss. Check out her blog on the link above and follow her on Instagram @houseofwhite_.

Check out her answers to the Style Files Survey below, thanks again Olivia! xx

  1. Describe your personal style in 3 words
    • Simple, Affordable & Comfortable haha
  2. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
    • I’m so lame, but my activewear! Mostly my Nikes haha
  3. Shoes or Handbags?
    • Shoes!
  4. What do you love to wear on a night out without kids?
    • Black dress, heels and a killer lippy colour!
  5. What has been one of your most recent ‘fashion fails’?
    • Haha everything is a fail I feel lately being pregnant! But I’d have to say trying to wear non maternity t-shirts and thinking no one can see my belly haha
  6. Accessories: Less or More?
    • Less
  7. What’s on your Wish List for this season?
    • Ooo fashion wise I’d have to say a Givenchy handbag
  8. Shoes: Heels or flats?
    • Oh heels for sure!
  9. Favourite designer?
    • At the moment it’s between Zimmerman, Alice McCall & Lover – I have a lace fetish maybe haha
  10. What is your go to ‘Mum-On Duty’ outfit?
    • Leggings and t-shirt with my cons or nikes!
  11. Where do you like to shop for your kids?
    • Target, Cotton On Kids, Bardot Jnr or Opshops haha
  12. What is your best tip for dressing for a special occasion?
    • Keep it simple, and think about the event you have. Will you be in heels all day? Do you need to adjust accordingly etc
  13. If you could only get your hair, make up or a spray tan done for a night out which one would you choose?
    • Makeup haha that’s what I’m shittest at :p


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