This or That?


Sunglasses: No Brand (Similar Here), Top: Target (Similar Here), Skirt: Purchased Overseas (Similar Here)

Hi guys! As 2015 starts winding down I thought I’d keep things light for todays post. I answered a super fun questionnaire with 50 “This or That” type questions. A big thanks to all my new readers for visiting my little corner of the internet, this may help you to get to know me a little better as well too 🙂 xxx

  1. Dog or Cat? Dog
  2. Netflix or YouTube? Netflix
  3. Phone Call or Text? Text
  4. Toast or Eggs? Toast. Unless someone else makes the eggs for me…
  5. Cardio or Weights? Cardio
  6. Facebook or Twitter? Mmm Instagram?
  7. Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice Cream Cone
  8. Mobile Games or Console Games? Neither. Ever.
  9. While walking: Music or Podcasts? Podcasts #obsessed
  10. iOS or Android? iOS
  11. Cake or Pie? Cake
  12. Swimming or Sunbathing? Sunbathing unless it’s literally 1000 degrees and the water is warm.
  13. Big Party or Small Gathering? Small gathering as long as I know (and like) everyone there
  14. New Clothes or New Phone? I’ll give you one guess ;). New Clothes
  15. Work Hard or Play Hard? Work hard to play hard?
  16. Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? Car. I am rubbish with Interiors
  17. What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? I don’t really mind either but I guess it’s the folding of the Laundry that is bad
  18. Jogging or Hiking? Hiking
  19. Bath or Shower? Shower
  20. Sneakers or Sandals? Sandals
  21. Glasses or Contacts? Neither
  22. Hamburger or Taco? Hamburger. I think I completely missed the Taco obsession.
  23. Couch or Recliner? Couch. Recliners are lonely
  24. Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? I love the convienience of shopping online but I am a traditional try-before-you-buy kinda gal so shopping in a store it is.
  25. Receive: Email or Letter? Email.
  26. Passenger or Driver? Passenger aallllll the way
  27. Tablet or Computer? Depends what I’m doing. Tablet for reading blogs, computer for writing blogs
  28. Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? Lucky for me, I got both <8
  29. Blue or Red? Red, I think
  30. Pen or Pencil? Pen
  31. Toilet paper: Over or Under? Over, but I am totally not fussed.
  32. Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? Right side up. Always.
  33. Coke or Pepsi? Either and both
  34. Train or Plane? Plane
  35. Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? Hot
  36. Meat or Vegetables? Vegetables
  37. International Vacation or a New TV? International Vacation
  38. Save or Spend? …… spend…….
  39. Coffee or Tea? COOOOFFFFFFEEEEE
  40. TV or Book? TV
  41. Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? Movie at home, unless it’s a film I’ve been dying to see.
  42. Ocean or Mountains? Ocean in Summer, Mountains in Winter
  43. Horror Movie or Comedy Movie? Comedy. I’ve gotten super soft with Horror movies in my (not so) old age.
  44. City or Countryside? City 100%
  45. Winter or Summer? Summer
  46. Soup or Sandwich? Sandwhich
  47. Card Game or Board Game? Board Game
  48. Beer or Wine? Wine please
  49. Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home? I’ve never been camping a day in my life…
  50. Dine In or Delivery? Dine in. Unless its past 7:30pm and we have the kids then, delivery.


One thought on “This or That?

  1. No. 49 – you have been camping, eg Easter on Groote Eylandt when we all slept on top of the 4WD because we were scared from the crocodile barks during the night. You would have been 4yo?!!
    Love the articles, good fix on the off the shoulder story xx
    See my email to you with my answers beside yours!!


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