3 Years


Today I thought it would be fun to recap the little overnight staycation my husband and I enjoyed last week for our third wedding anniversary. First though, a little back story!

On the 30th of December in 2012, I married the love of my life. We had only been engaged since February of that year but for some reason I was determined that we would be married before the year was out. So on the second last day of the year, we made it happen.

Of course in hindsight it could have been a bit silly, as December is the busiest month of the year and forever will be, but I must say with my husband’s birthday, Christmas, our anniversary and New Year’s Eve all packed in, it is now also the most fun.

This year was our first anniversary that I haven’t been pregnant for, so all year we knew it would be a big celebration. We are incredibly lucky to have my parents around and they were more than happy to have both kids overnight. I’m not sure they entirely knew what they were in for, but they were 100% up for it regardless.

The Intercontinental Hotel is by far our favourite hotel chain to stay in whereever we travel but also here in Melbourne too and thanks to years of travel for work, my husband has an ambassador status with them. So, it was a no brainer that we would stay with them for the night. To say we were excited for our anniversary (and first night without BOTH kids) would be an understatement.

Of course when we woke up on the morning of the 30th, our youngest, Alexander was a little bit unwell. After floating the options of:

  1.  Not going
  2. Taking him with us, or
  3. Leaving him with mum and dad with instructions to call if he got worse

We finally settled on 3.

So off the kids went and so did we. We have stayed at the Intercontinental in Melbourne a few times and so it felt wonderfully familiar to check in again. Little did we know that this time we would be treated to an insane upgrade to a huge suite. To be honest, if the kids were with us, we probably wouldn’t have been given the same room but the truth is, it would have been perfect for them. It was gloriously spacious and almost apartment-like. Those who have stayed in a hotel room with kids before will know how very un-relaxing it can be to all stay in a shoe box room.


The dining and lounge areas that we didn’t use at all! image via Intercontinental


The best (aka kid free) bed and epic bathroom. Image via Tripadvisor

So once we were checked in and were treated to some complimentary drinks, we did what any parents of two small children would do with some alone time. We took a nap.

One of the things I was looking forward to the most was a fancy dinner that night. So after a few (more) pre dinner drinks we headed down to Southbank for dinner at Italian restaurant Rosetta. Our reservation was at the ultimate single person time of 9pm. There is no way I would have survived until then without a nap! The food was amazing and thanks to the gorgeous balmy weather we were able to sit outside, enjoy people watching and the Gas Brigades (Fireballs) on the hour.


Just a little selfie in the Rosetta Bathroom. Wearing a Witchery Dress (Similar here and here) and Sportsgirl clutch

Despite our best efforts, we were done with the evening after dinner and so we happily made our way back to the hotel for our first full nights sleep in 6 months. Having said that, depressingly we both woke up multiple times in the night to check on the kids haha.

The next morning we enjoyed the buffet breakfast without having to wrangle a toddler or pacify a newborn. I think I read a newspaper for the first time in a year and a half and thanks to a full nights sleep I only needed two coffee’s ;).

We were treated to a very late, 4pm check out and thanks to frequent updates from my mum we knew the kids were fine so we lapped up every quiet moment and checked out at 3:50pm.

After almost two days away, of course we were so happy to go home to our kids and even happier that they had such a good time with their grandparents. Any married couple with children will know how important it is to find time to be together without the kids and we really had the best time celebrating our three short (but busy) years of marriage.

So now I retract my statement about it perhaps being silly to be married on the second last day of the year.  I think it is the perfect exclamation point to a year passed and the best possible reason for my husband and I to steal some time away, reflect on the year and to get ready for the madness to start all over again.


Here’s to many, many more xxx







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