Weekend: What I wore


What a fun weekend we just had! Do you ever feel like you have no social engagements for weeks and then all of a sudden everything happens at once and then you are flat out? Well that was me this weekend with a 30th birthday party, a kitchen tea, an impromptu BBQ and then all the fun mum/ family stuff that happens in between.

I thought it might be fun to start a new feature on the blog and do a Sunday Night / Monday Morning recap of my weekend outfits (or lack thereof, on a lazy weekend 😉 ). Let me know what you think!

Here we go:


Friday night was my cousin’s 30th birthday party. I wore a super fun playsuit from Fetching Leopard (that you’ve seen on the blog before), old ankle boots because it was freezing that night and a chunky statement necklace from Lovisa. Oh and too much bronzer as well apparently haha.



Saturday was a Kitchen Tea for another cousin before her wedding next month. I wore this new maxi dress from Feather and Noise that can be worn off or on the shoulders. It was perfect for an afternoon-to-evening event. I added some lace up block heels from Rubi Shoes and a simple layered necklace.



As you can imagine, by this stage after 2 nights out I was feeling a little dusty and in true Melbourne style, it was stinking hot despite Friday’s cool temperature. So it was casual, makeup free and cool for me with this Bonds Tee Shirt Dress and an old Panama Hat. We ended up going to a BBQ that afternoon and this dress worked perfectly for that too!


Hope you all had a great weekend as well x

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