Weekend: What I wore

Monday morning again? How does the weekend fly by so quickly? I had a few fun things planned this weekend but unfortunately due to my husband having to work at the last minute, I couldn’t attend some of the events. Nevertheless we managed to squeeze in a quick date night, a fun family outing and some time with my parents. As usual, here is my round up of outfits. I’ve just noticed that all the shoes I wore this weekend were from Rubi Shoes hehe. Can you tell I love affordable, on trend shoes??  Happy Monday xx


Friday night my husband and I went on a last minute date night to the movies. We absolutely love going to the movies but as any other parents out there would know, it quickly becomes a rarity once you have children. Anyway as you would know from my last post, I was so excited to be able to wear my new boots from Rubi Shoes and despite the miserable weather we had a great time. We saw The Big Short and it was great 🙂 .



Jumper: Country Road (Similar Here), Jeans: Topshop (Similar Here), Boots: Rubi Shoes, Bag: Prada


Saturday I was supposed to go out for drinks with my friends from Mothers Group but my husband had to work and I didn’t have a babysitter, so it was a quiet Saturday night in with Netflix and wine for me! We did do some market hoping during the day and I wore an old maternity (!!!) ASOS dress and this gorgeous Cyan Jewels necklace that was gifted to me.



Dress: ASOS Maternity(Similar here), Necklace: Cyan Jewels, Shoes: Rubi Shoes (similar here)


Sunday was a family day through and through for us. We got coffee and headed to a local park. We had the park to ourselves for the majority of the time, our baby slept in the pram while our toddler explored endlessly. We spent some time with my parents in the afternoon then came home to get ready for the new week. I wore my ultimate casual uniform of harem pants, and oversized sweater and easy sneakers. All in all, the perfect Sunday.



Jumper: Husbands from Bloomingdales (Similar Here), Pants: Seed Heritage, Sneakers Rubi Shoes (Same style, different colour), Sunglasses: Rubi Shoes



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