A/W Trends Part 1: The Knit Dress

Hi Everyone!

Seeing as Autumn is slowly creeping up on us and warmer items are definitely creeping into stores, I thought I might start a mini series of trends to watch out for and items to buy now for the Autumn / Winter (A/W) season. Hopefully this will help you to avoid having to do a big (aka expensive) shop all in one go when suddenly you wake up to chilly temps and realise its already April!!!

Today I am going to start with an item that’s been catching my eye for the past week and although it is not yet, it will be in my wardrobe very soon; The Knit Dress.

Think flattering cuts in a blend of soft wool and cotton. They can easily be layered under a heavy coat or over a turtleneck sweater if you buy a sleeveless option. Pair with long boots, or tights and flats and this dress will be on high rotation throughout the cooler months. Take a look at some of my favourites below



As you can see there are all kinds of lengths, shapes and styles available. The most common colours are from the usual winter palate of grey, black and navy but burgundy and chocolate brown will be big this year as well.

I’ll be back next week with my pick of booties! x

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