A/W Trends Part 2: Peep Toe Booties

One of my absolute favourite things to wear in Winter are boots. Namely, high heeled ankle boots but I do also love a flat boot and a long ‘Over the Knee’ boot. This season I have got a new genre of boots to add to my collection; the Peep Toe Bootie. These guys are the perfect transition piece as the weather starts to cool down a little bit but is still not cold enough for fully enclosed boots and socks.

Unless you live somewhere like Queensland where Winter is very mild, these might not see you through the whole season but if you buy a pair now, you will definitely get a good 2-3 months wear both sides of Winter.

As you can see in the products linked below, you can get varying styles from open backed, lace up, buckled and high cut but the most common features are the peep toe front and a block heel. Style these with everything from skinny Jeans, a midi skirt and sweater or wide legged trousers. These booties will soon be your favourite pair of shoes in your closet, just don’t forget to keep up those Summer pedicures!

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