Around the world in 40 days 

(Below is an excerpt from my post as Fashion Contributor for the MeOhMy Mum website. To read the full article, follow the link below) 


I Got This, Right? Cozy sweater / built in pep talk awesomeness thanks to Blossom and Glow Maternity. I will be wearing this on all flights, obviously!


5 Countries, 7 cities, 10 planes, 2 trains, countless taxies, 2 adults and 2 kids. Under two. 

Sounds fun until that last part hey? Yep, that’s right, my husband and I are about to embark on a part business – part pleasure – part family commitments, trip around the world with our two kids aged 23 months and 7 months. Are we crazy or are we brave? Are we the best parents in the world for exposing our children to different cultures and experiences or the worst for dragging them through multiple time zones and climates? Who knows but on any given day I flip flop between both and land somewhere in the middle and god knows everyone around us seems to have an opinion too. 

To read more head to MeOhMy 

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