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Hi there! Wow, firstly I am sorry for my lack of posting over the last couple of weeks. As most of you know, we are currently travelling, pretty much around the world, with our two little kids for a part business, part family, and part pleasure holiday. If you want to know more, check out this post. Given that this trip was never designed to be a ‘relaxing’ or ‘disconnecting’ type of holiday I always though I would continue to blog as per normal, but phew, I am not lying when I say that we I have had ZERO spare time. Different cities, time zones, small hotel rooms and varying climates will take a toll on anybody but with two babies under two in tow, it has been non-stop.

ANYWAY, we are on the tail end of our trip now and currently staying with a family friend of my husband in Charlotte, North Carolina (which is beautiful by the way) and I’ve managed to sneak a few spare minutes to dust off the laptop and get back to my beloved blog.

So, lets get into COATS! The bulk of our trip up until this point has been in Europe, mainly London and Paris and although they should now be in the full flight of spring, London in particular is still unseasonably cold. So I feel like I’ve been given a trial run of winter and of course, my winter wardrobe. Summer is by far my favourite season but as I’m getting older the cooler months are definitely growing on me. I think it’s something about the ability to really ‘dress’ that has won be over. I mean Coats and Scarves and Gloves and my favourite- boots, what’s not to love about that? We are lucky that Melbourne gets quite chilly and so even though gloves might not get much airtime, coats and scarves and beanies are still very much required.

Knowing that it was still going to be cold not only in Europe but also our final stop, the US, I made sure to pack my trusty DKNY coat. This coat has been a winter staple for me for almost 3 seasons now and is the perfect neutral piece for all occasions. You can see above how I styled in a few different ways, and I also wear it over dresses and skirts too. This coat held its own in London, Paris and NYC. Sorry for all the kids photobombs, they are pretty much attached to us 24/7 and a photo without them is near impossible!

If you are in the market for a new coat and will only have one or two main outerwear pieces I suggest you get a coat like this. Here are some of the features to look our for:

  • A colour that will not date and will go with everything in your wardrobe
  • A classic cut, preferably a longer silhouette
  • One that is not overly embellished and has neutral details and fastenings i.e. buttons, belts, zips etc.
  • Good quality materials that will with stand all weather conditions. Leather, wool and poly blends are all great options
  • And finally buy one that you really really love. One thing that can be annoying about coat weather, is that no matter what you are wearing, once you put your coat on you can look the same day in, day out. So if you really love the way your coat looks then that will be less of an issue. Of course you can always mix up your scarves and footwear to keep things interesting too.

Check out these options (One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven)  for a great staple coat for you this winter. I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule in a few weeks but I’ll definitely try and pop in at least once before then. Thanks for your patience xx.

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