The turtleneck



Top: Zara (not available online, similar here), Jeans: Rolla’s, Boots: Rubi Shoes, Hat: H&M (Same style different colour here, same colour different brand here)

Long gone are the days that the humble ‘skivvy’ was considered a bit daggy. Now days the close-fitting, round, and high collared style of turtlenecks / roll-necks /polo necks / skivvy’s are very much in fashion.

This Autumn / Winter the high-neck knit has literally been on every single runway and hence in every single store, in some form or another. The most common style of turtleneck is a sweater, both fine and chunky knit, although we are also starting to see high necked sleeveless vests, high necked dresses and ponchos.

Although they can still be worn in the most traditional way, paired with skirts or pants, the high-fashion take on styling a roll neck top is layered under silky dresses and cami’s for an in-between seasons look. As the weather gets colder these tops also look great underneath coats and jackets.

I am usually more partial to the chunky oversized style but am totally loving this fine knit version from Zara while the weather is milder. This style is the perfect weight to use as a layering piece as well. For those with access to a Zara store, the best news is, these tops are currently under $30, so run and get one for yourself today! xx



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