Weekend: What I Wore

This weekend was a bit of a quiet one and hence I don’t have a lot to show for it. My husband is away for 2 months on business and this was our first weekend without him. Not only have I lost my chief photographer but also my second set of hands, so even when I do have something to photograph, by the time I get myself and two kids ready, the already very small window of time for photos, seems to go! So obviously I’ve got some things to work out blog wise for the next two months hehe.

Anyway, let’s get into the weekend.




Dress: Zara, Jacket: French Connection (similar here), Boots: Zomp (similar here), Clutch: Sportsgirl, Pom Pom: Chi Khi, Necklace: Kayelle Designs

Despite everything I just said, I did managed to skip out for a few hours on Friday night. A girlfriend / mama friend of mine needed a bit of baby free time and so did I, so we did all the bath and dinner duties at home and met up for a wine afterwards. It was fun, relaxing and just what I needed to go into the weekend of solo parenting (nb I am staying with my amazing parents so I am actually getting lots of help with the kids, which is infinitely appreciated). The weather was stunning and so I wore a dress and ankle boots with my trusty leather jacket.



Saturday was pretty uneventful. I didn’t manage to snap any pics of my outfit although I do remember that it was unseasonably warm and I wore shorts and a light jumper to the park before retiring home for the rest of the day.




Jumper: Miss Shop Via Myer, Pants: Bohemian Traders, Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here)

Mothers Day! Despite being away, my gorgeous husband managed to arrange a lovely gift for me and I was happy to spend the day with my own mum and the kids. I also wore a new outfit that I gifted myself for mother’s day, and despite my husband not liking the pants and my dad joking that I looked like a Jail Bird, I am absolutely in love with the quality and fit of these new pants and know that they will be on high rotation in my wardrobe. I hope all the other mama’s out there had a special day too. xx

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