The Car Coat



Coat: Kmart (same coat, different colour, similar coat in grey), Jumper: H&M (similar here and here), Vest: Seed Heritage (similar here), Jeans: Country Road, Boots: Zara

Brrrr. It is certainly getting chilly now in Melbourne, which is great as it means we can start to pile on the layers and drag out our coats from last season. The only problem with coats however, is that they often dress up an outfit a little bit too much, especially if, like me, you are a mum and find yourself running errands and attending causal play dates most of the week. So today I have the perfect casual coat silhouette for you. Often called the ‘Car Coat’, this easy to wear, short and square-cut style is a great mid week, dressed down option.

It is a little bit masculine and a little bit boxy but the plain style and lack of details actually works in your favour and allows the rest of your outfit to still do the talking without completely taking over like a lot of coat styles do.

I love this one in grey but a black style would be perfect too. Treat it like a throw on cardigan and you’ll find yourself getting a lot of wear (and warmth) out of it this winter without feeling like you are always wearing the same thing.

Can you believe that I found this one from kmart today when I was in there buying some new pyjamas for the kids. At $30 this guy is an absolute bargain and will be getting a lot of air time this Winter!


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