So You’re A Personal Stylist?

…..”Don’t judge me” is usually what follows next!

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend I attended a four day Personal Fashion Styling course to become a certified personal stylist. So what does this mean? Well, it definitely doesn’t mean that I will judge or even necessarily notice what you are wearing, nor does it mean that I will always be immaculately put together, hello I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. It does however mean that I am passionate about fashion, helping women (particularly mothers) look and feel great about themselves and have the knowledge to be able to teach you about dressing for your body shape, finding colours that suit your complexion and will absolutely take the pain out of shopping and can help to fill your wardrobe with wearable, versatile and stylish pieces.

But lets back up to the course. Why even take a course in the first place? Thanks to my blog and Instagram I have been fortunate to have a few clients without being certified, and there is no government regulation that says you can’t trade as a stylist unless you have a certificate, so why bother? Well for me, it’s about integrity first and foremost. If I am marketing myself as a stylist, and trading my services for money than I need to know that I am offering clients the very best of myself and that I have done the work to acquire these skills and knowledge. Secondly, being a stylist is much more than being able to dress yourself and look trendy. I am 27 years old and a size 8-10. For me shopping is not hard. Sure I’ve had 2 kids and I am very tall but in terms of working with a large variety of brands, sizes and body shapes, my immediate experience was very limited. Doing a course run by a very seasoned professional and 12 other women of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds gave me the hands on experience to build up my skill base and the confidence to be able to work with literally anyone who might come my way.

So what were the four days like? What did we cover and most importantly, what did I wear? The brief was to wear ‘comfortable but stylish clothes’. haha no pressure right? Well much like in the real world, everyones definition of ‘stylish’ and even ‘comfortable’ was different. We had everything from activewear, to jeans, to dresses and high heels. Considering that I am at home with the kids pretty much every day, I definitely took this opportunity to take my time getting dressed (mentally, not literally as I practically had ZERO time in the mornings) and to wear some favourite pieces and things that I don’t get to wear to our usual rotation of gym, play dates, park, shopping centres and playgroup.

So here are my outfits:




Dress: Witchery (similar here), Vest: PinkyOtto (similar here), Jeans: Rollas, Shoes: Adidas




Vest: Seed Heritage (similar here), Top: Feather & Noise, Jeans: Paige Denim, Boots: ASOS (similar here)




Jumper: Cotton On (similar here), Skirt: Zara (similar here), Boots: Rubi Shoes




Top: Zara, Skirt: French Connection (similar here), Shoes: Mollini

In terms of the syllabus the course was very hands on and we pretty much role played and exercised all the scenarios and core requirements of the job. We learnt how to determine a clients body shape and proportions, the rules for dressing each body shape but also how that changes dependent on size. We learnt about colour and tones, conducting wardrobe audits and pre shop interviews and then also a whole business component to make sure that we set ourselves up properly and ensured the successful running of our business. Cindy who ran the course was very generous with her time and knowledge and left no stone unturned.

So what now? Well there is no doubt in my mind that Personal Styling is what I can and should be doing. Event based styling is what really excites me, i.e. finding that one amazing outfit for the races, a big event or a milestone birthday but I also love the general new season shop or the ‘gap-filling’ shop. I know how time poor women are and in particular mothers, and I see that this is how I can help you to have one less thing on your plate. Shopping doesn’t have to be exhausting or time consuming. It also doesn’t have to be extravagant or intimidating. So if you need a hand to stock up your wardrobe for Winter or you have no idea what to wear to your best friends 30th (or 40th or 50th) then send me an email, I’d LOVE to work with you! You can find my contact details here and alternatively if you have any other questions about the course, I’d be more than happy to answer those too.  x

6 thoughts on “So You’re A Personal Stylist?

  1. I love your outfits! Some great dressing here. I think the white skirt and jumper is my favourite. Sounds like such a fun course…Something I have been considering and you make it sound worth while!
    Enjoy this new venture you will rock!
    x Kirsty

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