Beauty Basics 2.0


Eeeek! Before and After makeup 😉

So when I first started this blog I did a Beauty Basics post but I’ve just recently updated (and upgraded) my makeup essentials so I thought I would share them with you today.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a make up artist or an expert but I DO have some great quality products that are simple to use and won’t make you look over done. Perfect for an everyday look!

The Essentials


Step One


Good skincare is always the first step to having good make up. If you don’t have a good base to work on then the products aren’t going to be able to shine. I have been using GO-TO Skincare for a good two years now and am super happy with it. I also use the ‘Exceptional Oil’ and ‘Lips’ from the same range.

Step Two


Ok, so here is where the first big change for me came:

  • Primer: ‘Veil’ by Hourglass. Apply all over face with fingers
  • Liquid Foundation: ‘Medium 2 / Santa Fe Sheer Glow’ by Nars.
    • Apply with a good quality brush in circular motions. Start with a small amount and build up for more coverage if desired.

Step Three


Lightly dust over some powder to help set your foundation and add some glow then apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. A peach blush allows you to wear both pink and red toned lipsticks but a pink blush is more limiting.

  • Setting Powder: ‘DIM LIGHT’ Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass
    • Brush: Mecca Cosmetic
  • Blush: ‘DIM INFUSION’ Ambient Lighting Blush by Hourglass
    • Brush: Dior

Step Four


Highlighter, Eyebrows and Eyeshadow. I might do all of these things, one or two or none on any given day dependant on my time, mood and what the day involves. If I were to apply all these products, this is what we’ve got:

Highlighter Cream: On days that I am taking photos for the blog I will definitely apply this as it really pops in photos but day to day I generally don’t bother. Take a small amount on your index finger and work together with your thumb. Dab and blend over your cheekbones, in the corner of your eyes, down your nose and on your brow bone.

Eyebrows: I get my eyebrows tinted but if I need to fill them in, I find that powder is more natural than a pencil. Get yourself a double ended brush so that you can brush your eyebrows then apply the powder with the angled end.

Eyeshadow: Start with a small sweep of Eye Shadow Primer to ensure no creases and then gently apply whatever colour you’d like. My tip would be to go into a makeup shop like Mecca or Sephora and ask for an eyeshadow palette that suits your complexion. Then you can mix and match without steering yourself wrong with the colours.

  • Highlighter Cream: ‘Pearl / A35’ by MAC
  • Eyebrow Powder: ‘Dark Brown’ Brow Powder Duo by Anastasia Beverly Hills
    • Brush: Make Up Forever number 274 ‘Straight’
  • Eye Shadow Primer: ‘Shadow Insurance’ by Too Faced
  • Eye Shadow Palette: ‘Natural Eyes” by Too Faced


Step Five


Finishing Touches:

  • Mascara: ‘Major MAJOR lash in Black’ by Stila
  • Lipstick: ‘612/ Spotlight’ Dior Addict Lipstick by Dior
    • This is the perfect subtle shade of lipstick but it really lifts the face.

The Extras


Here are a few of my other beauty faves:

  • Moisturiser: ‘Hydrating Coconut’ Dry Skin Moisturiser by Jergens
  • Gradual Tanner: ‘Fair to Medium’ Natural Glow by Jergens
  • Night Cream: ‘Rosapene Night Cream’ by Trilogy
    • I use this occasionally at night, especially when I feel like I’m a bit dehydrated and I always wake up with super soft skin
  • Nail Drops: ‘Instant Dry Drops’ by Revitanail
    • These drops allow you to paint your nails, and skip the annoying hand blowing, waving, don’t touch anything, panic that comes with wet nails. Just use your favourite polish, place a drop in each nail, wait for 30 seconds and you are good to go – Promise!!
  • Oral B Teeth Whitening Stripes: I drink a lot of coffee as well as my fair share of red wine so I find that these guys are a great at-home option to keep my teeth white. I only do a course (14 days) a few times a year.


So there you have it! By no means is it anything ground breaking, and I am definitely not up to speed with the contouring trends but for an everyday, natural look I think its pretty great (and speedy). If I am going out at night or its a special occasion I might add some eyeliner and a bolder lip colour. You can all use a bronzer in place of the blush is thats more your style too.

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