Layers, Layers, Layers.



Jacket (worn above): Temt (similar here), Jumper: Kmart (similar here) , Dress: Cotton On (similar here and here), Shoes: Adidas

I’m a denim girl through and through, but sometimes (especially in Winter) I just get sick of wearing pants. Yesterday was definitely one of those days, so I had some fun playing with layers. Given that it is well and truly Winter here in Melbourne, I had to overcompensate with warmth on top for my legs to be bare.

I wore an old, long sleeved body con dress that I’ve had for ages and then layered a light weight knit over that, topped with my Bomber Jacket. Unfortunately I was still cold for most of the day (haha) but I loved wearing it and if you live in slightly more temperate parts of the country like Queensland or Western Australia, you might be able to get away with this look for a little while longer yet!

The inspiration for this outfit came from a look that my friend (and fellow stylist) put together for me a few weeks ago when we hit the shops together. Nothing that I’m wearing was purchased on that day. It just goes to show that shopping doesn’t always have to be about purchasing new items, it can also be a great source of inspiration to then come home and try and re-create the look with existing items in your wardrobe. Why don’t you try ‘shopping your wardrobe’ this weekend and try to come up with a new combination. I bet you’ll surprise yourself! Have a great weekend everybody. x

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