NYC Bound


Today was 12 degrees (celsius) so I decided that it was totally appropriate to channel spring in a white, cream, navy and gold outfit haha. Truth be told, I was actually wearing a coat all day but I did want to show you this awesome new knit that I received from Blossom and Glow. It’s the perfect weight to layer underneath a coat but I can tell it will see me through spring as well when the weather changes (although that is still a while off here in Melbourne).

I guess I also have warm weather on my mind because at the end of this week we are travelling to my favourite place in the world, New York City! As you might recall, we were lucky enough to be there just a few months ago, but I am so excited, and lucky, to be travelling back again for a few weeks. Despite having visited a few times now, I have never been to NYC in the summer so I just can’t wait. My husband has a little bit of work and a few meetings while we are there but for the most part it is a holiday and it’s going to be awesome.

I will definitely still try and blog while I am over there. Last time it was not very successful as Alexander was super clingy and I could never leave him, but he seems to be much calmer and slowly a little bit more independent these days, so fingers crossed mama will have a holiday too ;). And yes, blogging definitely feels like a holiday for me hehe.

I also have a few exciting collaborations and guest blog posts coming up, so stay tuned! x

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