Dressing for the Fourth Trimester with Blossom and Glow

(Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote as the Fashion Contributor for Me Oh My Mum. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to see the full story.) 

So my baby, my second child, is ONE this month! It seems absolutely crazy that I will have a two year old AND a one year old. Technically I will have a 12 month old and a 27 month old, but I wont say that cause no one likes that person…

It seems like just yesterday that my little preemie came rushing into the world at 34 weeks and we were unexpectedly thrust into the unfamiliar world of medical tests, doctors visits and the heartbreak of having our teeny tiny baby stay for weeks in the hospital alone while we would come and go. BUT even though that feels like yesterday, it was in fact a whole year a go and like most* preemies free from complications, he is doing amazingly well. Almost walking, wreaking havoc and breaking hearts with his smile on the daily.


Those weeks after he was born were so hard for many reasons and at the risk of sounding terribly superficial, dressing and feeling comfortable was definitely towards the top of the list. The dreaded Fourth Trimester! You know, that awkward in between stage where you are no longer pregnant (and you want to burn all your maternity clothes) but you also don’t fit into all (or any) of your pre-baby clothes? Yep, that’s the Fourth Trimester.

Most mummy’s leave the hospital still looking 6 months pregnant, more exhausted, sore and emotional then they ever were, even on the worst pregnant days. We also have a whole new body shape thanks to breastfeeding boobs and a very soft and squishy tummy that unfortuantley is now ALL ice cream and NO baby. Its a very weird and in-between stage. So what do you wear?

Well, today thanks to the brilliant online boutique Blossom and Glow, I have you covered. I first discovered Blossom and Glow when I was in the middle of my second pregnancy and I have absolutely fallen in love with Kathryn’s range of products. Blossom and Glow stocks Maternity, Breastfeeding and Post Baby clothes. They are all stylish, affordable and on trend but the best bit is that a lot of the pieces can work for you no matter what stage of the pregnancy / baby journey you are in. I am no longer breastfeeding and I am 12 months post partum with my second, but you will see below that all of the ‘breastfeeding’ and ‘beyond’ clothes still work for me a year on.

I’ve selected a little capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and match a million ways, will be super comfy and breastfeeding friendly for you. So it’s perfect for mama’s straight after giving birth but as you start to get your groove back, you can style these pieces up and have some fun with accessories and layers too.

So let’s get into it.

Firstly we have the ‘Comfy-At-Home-But-Can-Go-To-A-Café-Outfit


I’m wearing the Jersey Harem Pants in Grey and the Jayla Knit in Black. Both these items are so comfy and cosy which is exactly what you need straight after having a baby (or even in the hospital). These pants can be worn during pregnancy as well, they have a loose enough waist band to wear either above or below your belly depending on how you carry, and what you feel comfortable with. Breastfeeding? Just layer your favourite nursing tank underneath the jumper and you are good to go. When you are feeling up to venturing out, throw on your white kicks and you’ve got an easy sports luxe look.

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