Summer in The City



Dress: Blossom and Glow (same dress, different colour), Sandals: Windsor Smith (Similar Here), Necklace: Kayelle Designs, Sunglasses: Valentino



Singlet: Seed Heritage (similar here), Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Adidsas, Sunglasses: Valentino

Is there anything better than escaping the cold weather for some sun and warmth in the middle of the year? That too in your favourite city in the world? I don’t think so!

From what I can see on my Social Media feeds, I think we definitely chose the right time to escape the Melbourne winter! I do feel a little bit bad sunning it up and posting pics in shorts and dresses but really, we are just having a blast. Not only is it easier to dress myself, but travelling with kids in the summer is so much easier too. We’ve been able to get out and about with them much more as we aren’t worried about rugging up or staying out of the cold.

So far we’ve been hitting the parks and splash pads pretty hard, we’ve almost knocked off all the foods on our ‘to eat list’ and we’ve done one museum (not really a super hit with the kids lol).

Today is our third day which I think sounds like the perfect day to hit the shops! Hope all my Aussie friends are staying warm 🙂 xx

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