Finding your Style



Tee: Zara (similar here), Shorts: H&M, Shoes: French Connection

One of the things that can be the most challenging after becoming a mum is finding your own style again. The pregnancy and post baby / newborn phase is long and most mums are often left feeling completely lost as to defining their personal style from about 6-12months post partum. Ready to burn all their maternity clothes but not sure if they can return to all of their pre-baby clothes. ‘Appropriate’ is usually the word that comes into play here.

Just because you are a mum doesn’t mean that you have to start dressing like your own mum (although I’m lucky in that my mum has amazing style, so no issues there), but at the same time, ‘personal style’ doesn’t mean that you have to have the trendiest wardrobe or the biggest budget either. These are three of the most common hurdles I come across when talking to women about how they describe their style. Not wanting to look like “their mum”, not having a lot of disposable income and not knowing what “in style” or “on trend”.

When it comes to mum’s there is no denying that some changes need to occur between your pre and post baby wardrobe, but I like to swap the word ‘appropriate’ for ‘practical’. Not in a boring way but in a realistic, ok you are likely to be breastfeeding, playing on the floor, bending down, picking up a child, running around outside, kind of way.

I like to describe my personal style as “comfortable, minimalist, stylish and on-trend”. I am really inspired by streetwear and hate feeling like I am restricted by or always fussing with my clothes. Additionally when it comes to the blog I like to add in “accessible”. I think as a ‘mummy / fashion / style / life and style’ blogger it is really important to me that my looks are accessible and achievable for all mums and women who are looking for some tips and tricks.

Defining your own personal style doesn’t need to be a difficult or arduous task. My tip is to write down three words that you think describe your CURRENT style and then spend about 20minutes flipping through magazines either cutting out or circling images that you are attracted to. Once your time is up, go back and look at the looks that you were drawn to and see if you need to add any words to your list of describing words.

Of course, if you are really stuck and feel that you’ve totally lost your vibe then you could always call someone like myself to go on a shopping excursion with, to really lock down that style :). Above everything else though, my advice is just to have fun with it and let your personality shine through. Whether that means wearing mostly black and white or the biggest, boldest colours and prints, you will always look your best when you feel confident and comfortable! xx

One thought on “Finding your Style

  1. After reading this blog (and thank you for the compliment) and your previous one, I feel there has been a shift in your approach to your writing and the blog content overall. All positive, there is a genuiness and a maturity coming across in your writing and I feel a real knowledge that anyone reading, especially for the first time, would trust what you are saying and follow you. You can only achieve this through a genuine belief in your self and what you are about. Congratulations and keep on believing and inspiring young (and old) mums! As always, I’m very proud of you, xx


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