8 Tutu’s For Mum’s



T-Shirt: Blossom and Glow (similar here), Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Adidas, Necklace: H&M (similar here)


Any other mum’s of little girls out there will most likely understand the ‘pink’ phase. For the past 8 months or so our toddler Hazelle, currently 2 and a half, has been obsessed with pink, tutu’s, dresses, bows, ballet, princesses and everything else totally girlie and totally cliched. I don’t mind and am happy to indulge her but to be honest it runs so deep that if we did want to avoid it, I don’t think we’d be able to.

So after months of drowning in toddler sized tulle, I was recently very surprised to see ADULT sized  tutu-esuqe skirts and dresses start to filter through my favourite stores. Obviously these styles have been around before and whilst are often very pretty, my biggest fear with these silhouettes is that they can look very junior and / or very costume-y and so I usually tend to avoid them.

However when I spied the above skirt in Zara recently, I just couldn’t resist it. The perfect shade of pink, the fine tulle and the thin satin ribbon around the waist, were all tutu perfection. It has since been released in many other colours such as black, pale blue, white/silver and cream and they all look just as pretty.

But the problem still remains. How do we avoid looking like our toddler or like we are going to a fancy dress party dressed as a ballerina? Here are my 4 rules:

  1. Keep the hemline to knee length or longer (this is the most important rule).
  2. Avoid overly feminine details anywhere else. Keep tops simple and streamlined or masculine and baggy (see looks below).
  3. For a day time look try wearing sneakers or flat ankle boots to add a bit of street style edge to your look.
  4. Keep accessories to a minimum. I double and triple checked this necklace to make sure it ‘added’ to the outfit. My skirt is still quite streamlined but if it was any fuller, it definitely wouldn’t need any accessories.

Below are 8 of my current favourites that I found online (the last one is a bit pricey but AH-MAZING so I just had to include it). There are a lot around so if you like this look I definitely encourage you to give it a go. No special occasion required, just find a skirt you are comfortable with and rock it with the same level of confidence and indifference as your toddler.


Keepsake The Label $151.96 (image via The Iconic)


New Look $26 (Image via ASOS)



Free People $109 (Image via ASOS)


Zara $35.90 USD (Image Via Zara)



Zara $70USD (Image Via Zara)


Little Mistress $109 (Image via ASOS)


Boohoo Fit $40 (Image via Boohoo)


Romance Was Born $650 (image via The Iconic)

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