Beauty Basics: Travel Edition


As you know, last month I shared my “Beauty Basics” routine with you in THIS post. I outlined all my favourite skincare and make up products with you but today I have my ‘travelling addition’. Whilst the basics are still the same, I definitely added in a few products to help my skin adjust during this holiday.

The most common challenges that travelling produces for my skin are congestion, dehydration and damage from the sun or wind. The travel itself, especially to the US, can also be problematic due to the sheer distance we have to travel as well as the very strict rules and regulations regarding the amount and size of products you can carry with you.

The products below helped me combat all of these complaints and have the most amazing trip in my favourite city in the world. So lets get into it. Below are my ‘Beauty Basics-Travel Edition’. (Note that my basic make up routine has pretty much stayed the same)



In my last post I mentioned that I had been using the Triology Rosapene Night Cream and really enjoying it. Well, I am so happy to report that I have broadened my Triology repertoire  and have not been disappointed. When I was sent this Triology Starter Pack from my friends at Stark Matthews PR, I knew it would be perfect for our trip. The 30ml, 20ml and 10ml size tubes are the perfect travel size. They are small enough to comply with the regulations about carrying liquids, don’t take up any room in my carry on, and were also substantial enough to last the two and a half weeks that we were away for.

I have been using Go-To Skincare products for over two years now and I was a little bit worried as to how my skin would react to the change but I didn’t notice anything except for maybe an increased glow thanks to the Rosehip Oil (my new fave product).



I struggle with blackheads and breakouts as it is but add in long haul travel (in make-up), lots and lots of sunscreen daily, hot sun and dry winds thanks to the NYC heatwave and my skin was CON-GES-TED!

This charcoal mask from Origins is amazing. While Sheet Masks are popular at the moment, these liquid mask treatments offer so much more bang for your buck, you will get 4-6months worth of masks out of it. What I love about this product is that it 100% does what it says. It clears blackheads, minimises pores and tightens your skin. I use this once a week (twice max) and have really noticed an improvement in my skin.



Now Blister doesn’t really need any introduction but to be honest I always thought it was only  for people who suffered from coldsores. I am not one of those people so have never really had the need for Blistex but man, after nearly 27 hours of travel, my lips needed a little something more than my Dior lipstick ;). Packed full of moisturising ingredients, vitamins and SPF15, this little gold tube hasn’t left my side for the whole trip. On the days that I want a little bit of extra colour I pair it with this lipstick crayon from MILK, which is the best matte nude colour I’ve seen.

So there you have it, my little lifesavers over the last 2 weeks and as I leave the heatwave and head back home to Melbourne, to the freezing cold, I dare say that these products will be just as handy in the different climate but for all the same reasons! xx

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