The Last Hurrah


Well we made it safe a sound back to Melbourne, but before my blog becomes awash with jeans, jumpers and coats again I thought I’d share my last summer outfit from NYC.

As a self proclaimed minimalist and ‘black’ lover, this is quite a lot of print and colour for me, but gosh, doesn’t it just make you smile? I love these pants because they are slightly tapered and although the print is bold and bright, I will be able to pair them with so many things to make them work for lots of occasions. The same goes for the off the shoulder top. Such a pretty blue and I’ll be able to dress it up and down. NB- Both items were new arrivals and not available online yet, I have linked the same styles but in different colours so just keep an eye on the website and they should be there soon.

So that’s that! Thanks so much for sharing my holiday with me, I hope I’ve gotten some of you excited for Summer? I definitely loved the warm weather and collecting a few pieces for my summer wardrobe. We have another BIG adventure on the horizon which I will share with you soon. For now though, I am happy to be home and ready to kick this Jet Lag to the curb. xx

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