Namaste, India!

So, I’ve been hinting for a while that we had some big news to share, and today I’m excited to finally tell you that in a few weeks time we are moving to New Delhi, India!

We are going over for my husbands work and at this stage we could be gone for as little as 4 months to as long as 12months or longer. Obviously this is a decision that my husband and I have spent many, many months discussing but in the end, he owns his own company and the reality is, you go where the work is. This opportunity could be a game changer for him and his career, and I’m excited to support him and see where it takes us.

The other reality is, the kids are still so young and so we still have a good amount of flexibility. My thinking is that we might as well have as many adventures as possible before they start school and start needing a bit more structure. My Mother in Law lives in India so we will have her support but other than that we don’t know anyone. I am excited to build a support network there and make some new friends and I know that once I do, I will feel much more settled and happy. Having friends, mothers groups and a social life is really important to me and for the kids so that will be one of my main priorities once we get there and get settled.

So what does this mean for The Mummy Style Files? Well, for the blog and Instagram, not much! I will still be posting and blogging as usual and I am lucky that I’ve been able to keep some of my Brand Rep gigs (praying that the Indian Mail Gods are good to us) so you’ll still see me supporting Aussie brands and businesses. I will of course be back to Melbourne / Australia a few times for family and social events so I will always be up for collabs, meet ups and events. As for my Personal Styling, I’m not sure yet. It is something that I absolutely love doing but I haven’t quite worked out how it will play out in Delhi. I’m hoping that I will meet a large expat group and find some clients within that, but at this stage I think I will just have to wait and see.

So thats that! I hope that you will continue to follow along and enjoy reading about how we adjust to this change and make our life in India. Of course my outfits and fashion posts will still feature heavily although don’t expect to see me in a Sari anytime soon ;). xx


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