Kimono: H&M (similar here), Dress: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar here), Shoes: Soludos

So I mentioned in my last post how I was struggling to find items in my wardrobe that fit both the climate and the culture here in New Delhi. As I said, I think eventually I’ll start adding pieces that I can easily wear but for now I’m all about modifying what I DO have and at least making it passable….

One of the easiest things I can do is add a Kimono over the top of whatever I’m wearing. This is particularly helpful for tops that have really thin straps and / or show my bra strap ( a big no-no) or for dresses that are a little bit short, like the one above. Obviously that last scenario only works if the kimono is long AND has a tie at the waist so that it can cover the dress fully if need be. I know I’m probably making it sound like the Middle East in terms of clothing restrictions but it’s not that bad and there definitely are some places that I don’t have to worry as much (I will talk more about that in my next Diary of an Expat post at the end of the week).

Other than Kimono’s, T-shirts and Maxi Skirts have basically become my uniform. I’ve found that this combination is totally fuss free, very conservative and best of all, I still feel like myself in it. The weather does cool down around the middle of November and into December so then I will be able to bring out my beloved denim again, which we all know makes getting dressed about 10 times easier!

So that’s it, I hope you all have a great week ahead. I am feeling really good today and ready for another new week in India. xx


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