MSFW Street Style

Obviously I am not at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this year but thanks to the big bad world of social media and the inter-webs, I don’t have to miss a thing. Although all the runway shows are amazing, my absolute favourite thing about Fashion Weeks all over the world is seeing the street style of those attending the shows.

Simone Williams from The Vine wrote a really funny piece about the 7 types of  Farshun People You’ll Find At Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and you should check it out for a scarily accurate rundown of the Fashion Week attendees. All jokes aside though, these are the people to look to for an individual and wearable interpretation of the upcoming trends. The direct looks on the runway are often created with an emphasis on beauty and innovation, not functionality, so whilst beautiful to look at, often the practicality of ‘everyday’ is not there.

There are still two more days of MSFW left but here are a few of my favourite street style images so far.


Image via Melbourne Girl


Image Via Street Smith


Image Via Street Smith


Image  Alexia Petsinis @alexiapetsinis


Image Jess Dempsey @whatwouldkarldo


Image Jessica Alizzi @jessalizzi

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