5 ways to do Bridesmaids Dresses

For many brides to be out there the start of September means one thing ; the start of wedding season. No matter what hemisphere you are in, the start of Spring or Fall brings a more temperate climate and therefore the perfect time to plan a wedding before it gets too hot or too cold.

Todays post is a little bit selfish as I am a bridesmaid in two weddings coming up and need to find two different dresses. I am lucky that both brides are very chilled out and open to suggestion from the bridesmaids but both girls are having very different weddings. There are so many looks you can create with your bridal party so today I am going to explore 5 of them. Hope you enjoy or find it useful if you too have a wedding coming up xx

Same dress and same colour

Classic and elegant. This theme is perfect for a more formal wedding or if you are able to strike gold and find a dress that looks good on everyone. The same dress often looks better with a smaller bridal party and helps the bride see her vision for the theme and colour scheme to come life.


Image via Simple Dress


Image via Revelry

Same colour but different style

This is the most common theme for bridesmaids as it allows each girl to wear a dress that flatters her figure but it keeps the colour scheme solid and consistent. If you have a small bridal party it is best to keep all the dresses the same length but if you have a larger group then mixing short and long dresses works too.


Image via Buzzfeed


The most popular new trend is to have a mis-matched bridal party. If you look at these pictures though you will see that there are elements of consistency here too. Whether it is a tonal colour scheme, the same length of dress or matching bouquets / flower crowns, it is important to still tie the look together.


Image via Buzzfeed


Image via Style Me Pretty

Print and pattern

Perfect for a more casual wedding or a more chilled out bride! This theme is full of personalty and fun. Whether you do the same pattern (like florals) or mix and match them, the bridesmaids are able to choose a dress that suits their personality and that they will most likely wear again. A co ordinating shoe or matching bouquet helps to tie the bridal party together.


Image via Bespoke Bride


Image via Buzzfeed

All White Everything

Such a pretty and clean look. Not every bride will want to share the ‘white’ limelight but if you don’t have an issue with it then it can be the perfect look for a garden wedding with a more boho / vintage theme. Shorter dresses for the bridesmaids helps to keep the attention on the bride too.


Image via My Wedding


Image via Nouba

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