What I Wore Wednesday

Guys, today was a total failure. No outfit photo, no post on Instagram, I was lucky that I even managed to get dressed out of my pyjamas, lol. Having a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old is no joke and seems to be getting harder by the day! The best thing that I DID do today  however was accept the fact that I wasn’t going to get anything done until they went to bed and just surrendered to a day of nothing but being a mama. This is something that I’m not awesome at but lately I’ve noticed that on tough days if I just stop trying to ‘do it all’ (whatever that might be) I am infinitely less stressed and the family is much happier. I think they call it being ‘present’ or something :P.

Although I don’t have a new outfit for you I thought I’d just do a little iPhone cull and put two outfits up here that only made it to Instagram :). I will be back very soon with a fresh outfit, I promise. I hope your hump day was a little bit more productive than mine 🙂 xxx

Edit to add: Last night in addition to everything else, the internet went out hence why I’m posting it this morning. Maybe next week my ‘Wednesday’ post will actually go out ON Wednesday lol!



Dress: Zara (similar here), Shoes: Sperry (similar here)



Jumpsuit: The Gap, Shoes: Adidas



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