Slide into Summer



Top: Global Desi (similar here), Pants: Zara, Slides: Marks and Spencer

Without fail there is always a shoe of the season and this year there is no doubt that the ‘slides’ or ‘sliders’ are THE shoe for Spring  and Summer 2016/2017.

Not to be confused with playground equipment or mini hamburgers, the fashion ‘slider’ is divided into two styles – the pool slider, originally designed by Rihanna who has fashioned some rather impractical furry versions as part of her Puma line, and then there’s backless flat loafers, which have, confusingly, also been dubbed slides. The latter trend was born of Gucci’s sleek original (which the above are almost IDENTICAL copies) that are now owned by most fashion editors across the land. Of course we can also enter the high heeled version of open backed wedge type designs but they are more commonly known as ‘Mules’ so we’ll save  that post for another day.

Today I’m going to focus on the backless loafer type designs as I feel they are much more versatile, more chic and the bigger more wearable trend of the two. As I said above, it all started with Gucci’s furry slides but now this style is everywhere from high end to high street. This slipper-mule-loafer hybrid is a great transitional shoe for when it’s not warm enough for full on, toe baring sandals but there is just enough spring in the air for a shoe that is slightly open.

They can be worn simply with a pair of jeans or culottes (like I am wearing above), or to smarten up a slip dress. You could go down the designer / runway route and wear with a midi-length skirt and blouse too. The loafer slide does have a great ability to make everything look more pulled together and I’m excited to add some more variations to my wardrobe this season.

Here are a few more high street styles to check out.







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