What I Wore Wednesday



Dress: Srishti (similar here, here and here) Shoes: Seed Heritage (similar here and here)

For the life of me I don’t know why I cant get these posts out on a Wednesday haha. I guess from now on lets just assume it’s a retrospective post and will come out AFTER Wednesday.

So I found this dress last week in an Indian equivalent to Walmart. A huge supermarket come home goods, come affordable clothing, type store. I was looking for loose dresses I could wear around the house and picked a few up including this one but when I came home I decided it was too pretty to just be a ‘home’ dress. It’s quite heavy and very full at the bottom and I love the subtle gold and embroidered details. I’ve noticed that a lot of Indian designs are cut quite high under the arms so I often have to get at least one size up. This one still sits a bit higher than I’d like but for about 900rupees (less than $20 AUD), really the quality is quite good!

When we were in India earlier in the year I left these Seed Heritage espadrilles in our closet and then forgot about them, so it was a happy suprise when I unearthed them yesterday. White shoes and India however are not a good mix so I don’t think they will have much life left in them!

I wasn’t able to link the exact match for my dress but I’ve tried to find styles as similar as possible that will still give you the same kind of look! Happy Friday Eve everybody ;). x

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